SpiritWorks Software Inc. creates easy-to-use software for creative, legal and technical professionals and rental property managers.  Activity & Expense Tracker Plus - Complete time tracking software solution. Perfect for time management, time management software, time tracking software, project management time tracking, activity timer, attorney and law office software, attorney and legal billing software, attorney billing software, best time management software.
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Here are details about our time, scheduling & contact management software. Create invoices, form letters, and many different reports. No monthly charges, great support, free trial for Mac and Windows.

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A&E Tracker for Workgroups
A&E Tracker

  • Keep track of time spent on specific, day-to-day activities. Use this effective time management software to track time, efforts and expenses spent on business activities, hobbies, crafts, sports, etc. Want to know how much you spend answering phones, doing needle work or training for the Triathlon? Do you declare your time and expenses for volunteer activities on your income taxes? Activity & Expense Tracker can also keep track of all the details of your nonprofit activities.

  • Keeping track of your time is an important part of accurately estimating future projects and billing. Easily generate reports on projects, activities and expenses for all your activities. This time sheet software can generate a report of daily activities and expenses for any period of time.

  • Manage all your billing details easily and effectively. Concentrate on the work you have to do by allowing the project tracking software to do the rest. Establish different billing rates for each activity. Set each activity to be invoiced at an hourly rate, fixed rate or as a non-billable task. You can even bill the same activity at different rates.

  • Prepare detailed project invoices quickly and accurately with this time billing software. Save more of your time to concentrate on income-producing activities. Add VAT or other sales tax to your invoices. Customize your invoice to include dates, activity descriptions, activity notes, hourly rates, elapsed times, expenses and expense notes associated with each activity. Invoices also can include personalized header and footer information. Print directly from the report or export to a word processor.

  • Report data can be saved, exported or archived to any number of programs. Your data can be easily archived or transferred to any computer, program or application. You can also save the data to a text file, archive it, or delete the data from the Activity & Expense Tracker and import it again at a later time.

  • In-depth tutorials and free customer support are readily available. An extensive and helpful tutorial is included with this program. In addition, free customer support is just one click away!    

    Activity & Expense Tracker Plus contains all of the following:

    Activity & Expense Tracker v4This electronic timesheet and time management software tracks all of your projects including their related tasks and business expenses. Easily generate invoices and expense reports then print or export to word processing or spreadsheet programs. Click here for more information about Activity & Expense Tracker.

    Invoice TrackerThis billing software keeps track of invoices created by Activity & Expense Tracker for any number of projects or clients. Easily list invoices due or all invoices, then sort by project, due date, invoice number or invoice date. Lists can be printed or exported into a program of your choice. This tool also tracks partial payments, and any notes you may have made. Click here for more information about Invoice Tracker.

    Contact TrackerThis electronic address book keeps track of both business and personal contacts including their name, address, phone(s), and associates as well as any notes about previous interactions. Send form letters to any number of contacts with the Mailing List feature. You can print or export your contact list to other programs including Palm Desktop. You can also easily print envelopes or all contact information including notes. Also includes the World Time Map which displays the time on a world map, and an area code locator which will tell you what cities are in a specified area code and what area codes are in a specific city or state. Click here for more information about Contact Tracker.

    Schedule TrackerKeep track of all your appointments, birthdays, etc. with this versatile electronic date book. You can set an event to repeat every day, every other day, every weekday, every week, every other week, every month on the same date, every month on the same day of the month, or every year for as long as you specify. You can print daily, weekly and monthly schedules too. Import or export your appointments to other programs including Palm Desktop. Click here for more information about Schedule Tracker.

    Task TrackerThis To Do list generator helps you remember and prioritize all the things you think of as you are working. You can easily sort your task list by priority, date entered, deadline or task name. Then you can print or export your list to another program such as Palm Desktop. Click here for more information about Task Tracker.

    Password TrackerStore all your account, program and web site user names, IDs, passwords, and contact information in one convenient location with this handy tool. Print or export lists for safekeeping. Click here for more information about Password Tracker.

    Universal CalculatorHere is a simple number calculator that will also: compute a date that is x number of days before or after a date you specify; let you know the day of the year of any date; tell you what time it is anywhere in the world; convert just about any US or British length, volume or weight to it's metric equivalent with the conversion calculator; figure the amount of foreign currency that a number of dollars is worth (or the other way around) given the current exchange rate with the currency calculator; and easily compute discounts and sales tax on any amount. Click here for more information about the Universal Calculator.

Try out this time and expense management software.

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