Task Tracker

Task Tracker

Organize your tasks and easily create lists of things to do

Use Task Tracker to create easy to manage To Do Lists. Completed Tasks automatically drop off the list.

Use the Category menu to create separate lists for different projects. You can add new records or edit the information for any record at any time.

When you click the New button to add a record to Task Tracker the Entered date (1) will automatically be filled in. You can select a Priority from the pull down menu (4), choose a Category (5) from a list you create, and then enter a Task Description (6). You may also enter any Notes (7) before, during or after the task is completed. If the task has a deadline, enter that date into the Deadline field (2). When the task is completed, fill in the Completed field (3).

You can easily add a task to Schedule Tracker by clicking Add to Schedule (8).

View a list of tasks by clicking the Task Lists button (9). There are several options in this window for displaying and sorting the tasks. You can also save them to a text file or print them.

For information on the unmarked navigation and common buttons, click here.