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Independent Software Sales Representatives

We are looking for Independent Software Sales Representatives in the following countries: USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, United Kingdom, India, the Phillipines and New Zealand.

Work from home selling business software to rental property managers. Eight programs for Mac and Windows selling from $199 to $399, are available for demonstration and free trial on this website.

Our company is ten years old and ready for expanded sales and marketing. Commissions range from 35% to 50% depending on sales volume. Advancement to Sales Manager is a possibility for top sellers. We will work with you with respectful supervision and guidance to achieve your goals.

You must be self-motivated, computer savvy, service oriented, enthusiastic and comfortable talking with all kinds of business people. The ideal person for this job is very Ethical, Spiritual, Charismatic, Optimistic, and a great Salesperson. You need to be in love with my products and ideas, and ready to champion them for me. The ability to speak, read and write excellent English is required. The ability to speak, read and write in Spanish and/or other languages is desirable.

You will be calling on small businesses that need time & expense reporting, inventory tracking, or rental property management software. These will be mostly sole proprietors and managers of very small businesses.

Set your own hours and work from your home or car. Most of your business will be done on the phone and on the Internet. This is a commission only contract job. Part time OK but NOT preferred. Some direct sales experience desirable.

Send a cover letter and resume to info (at) SpiritWorks-software.com

I will be happy to work with you personally, to provide the tools and resources you will need, to make this a very profitable endeavor for both of us.


Garth Catterall-Heart
SpiritWorks Software Inc.

support @ productivity-software.com