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Number Calculator

More than just a calculator

Please note: these are no longer the default colors for the Universal Calculator. You can choose any combination of background and button colors, but the default colors now look like this.

The Number Calculator is an easy to use program that operates similar to your average calculator.

You can enter Numbers (1) and Operators (+, -, * ,x, /, =) (2) by clicking the buttons or by using the keyboard. For your convenience, both the x key and the * (shift 8 on your keyboard) key perform multiplication. To generate results simply use the return/enter keys or click the = button (3).

If you make a mistake after entering a number, click the Clear button (8) to clear the calculator. Click the Clear All button (8) to clear all fields.

You can change the font face and size of all the fields by clicking the Font button (6).

  The Tape field (4) displays each line of your calculation just like an adding machine "tape". This field can easily be saved as a text file or printed directly from the window. Click the Save as... button (7) to export the Tape field as a text file so that you can open it in another program. Click the Print button (13) to print the Tape field.

You can change the number of decimal places by entering a different number in the # of decimals field (5). For instance, if you are calculating dollars, then 2 decimal places makes sense (12.34). For more accuracy, you can change the number of decimals to a higher number (i.e., 5 would result in numbers like 12.34567).

You can copy the number in the Total field (9) by clicking the total field and pressing Control + C (or Command + C on the Macintosh). You can then paste the number into some other program by pressing Control + V (or Command + V on the Macintosh).

The Quit button (10) saves the data and quits the program.

To access the integrated help system, click on the Help button (11).

To access the Preferences window, click the Prefs button (12). You can change the highlight, button and background colors, time format, etc.

The Save button (13) saves your data. All records are saved automatically when going to another record or when you quit the program.

To access components of Small Business Tracker, click the Small Business Tracker Menu button (14). Or, click the Close Window button.

Explore the Dates, Times, Measurement and Currency Calculators by clicking the buttons at the top of the screenshot.