SpiritWorks Software Inc. creates easy-to-use software for creative, legal and technical professionals and rental property managers.  Complete time tracking software solution. Perfect for time management, time management software, time tracking software, project management time tracking, activity timer, attorney and law office software, attorney and legal billing software, attorney billing software, best time management software.
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• Time tracking software for consultants and professionals
• Makes time and expense billing, and reporting easy

Our time billing software is all you need to keep track of your time and materials, and make billing for more of your time easy and accurate.
We offer affordable, complete activity and expense billing software that allows you to track time spent on all your daily tasks.

If you are looking for quickbookstimerformac.com you have come to
the right place. Activity & Expense Tracker is a great replacement for the
QuickBooks Timer for Mac or Windows.

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Discover how you save time and money by downloading our easy-to-use desktop software instead of using web-based software. Click for the Text or Infographic version.

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A&E Tracker for WorkgroupsA&E Tracker Plus

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time and expense invoicing software

If you are looking for a more advanced time & attendance software solution, to gather and track employee time using a system that best suits your workplace environment, business size (5 to 30,000 employees), and employee working style (on-site, remote, traveling, salaried, and hourly), click here.

Activity & Expense Tracker - Time & Expense Reporting & Invoicing

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Also Available is

Activity & Expense Tracker For Workgroups


Activity & Expense Tracker Plus

In addition to Activity & Expense Tracker,
the Plus version also includes an Invoice Tracker,
Contact Tracker, Schedule Tracker, Task Tracker,
Password Tracker and the Universal Calculator.


Do you know how much time you spend actually working? In today's business climate, every minute counts. To succeed it's necessary to accurately track all of your business activities to make sure your time usage is truly effective and profitable.

Activity & Expense Tracker is easy-to-use time management software that will allow you to track all of your business activities in one, easy-to-use cross-platform database. QuickBooks users can import lists and export timer files to QuickBooks for Windows, from either Mac or Windows.

A&E Tracker now includes a To Do List window which makes it easy to: see what Activities need to be done; Schedule a time to start or complete: the Estimated Time for the Activity; and to switch between various Activities during the day.

Activity & Expense Tracker is time and expense client billing software and features detailed, custom invoices and reports which can easily be exported to other programs.

Activity & Expense Tracker is the proven choice for:

  • self-employed consultants
  • contractors
  • solopreneurs
  • programmers
  • graphic artists
  • attorneys
  • QuickBooks users wanting a full featured timer
  • and work groups needing to track time and expenses

This project time tracking software makes your time tracking and billing a quick and easy project management task.

Activity & Expense Tracker is the perfect task time recording and timesheet software for writers, students, teachers, athletes, and hobbyists.

Make income tax preparation easier with this task time tracking software.

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Try out this time and expense management software.

Free trial time reporting software for most
Windows and Macintosh computers.
Data can be shared between any of these computers.

This portable application will easily install and run on most desktop or portable computers, and any portable drive.

Customize colors, currency symbol ($, £, ¥, €, etc.), date, time, distance and liquid measure formats, report font and size, etc. in this relational database. Invoices and Reports can be translated into any language.

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SpiritWorks Software proves again and again to be the best niche application for entrepreneurs! I love the look and feel of the latest version of A&E Tracker, too! You've made a great application even better! And your customer service is outstanding as well. What a great package for anyone who needs to track time and expenses for their business! I've used this software for years and recommend it often to other small business owners like myself. -- Jeanne Scharfenberg


Thanks for one of the most indispensable tools I've got running on my Mac. I use A&E Tracker so seamlessly now in my day-to-day business, and you're product is keeping me honest in my billing. I now use an "efficiency discount" on my invoices to reflect when my clients stay organized while working with me on publishing projects. I never could have implemented this "carrot" approach without your lovely program. And what's better is that I haven't had to charge for extras -- my clients like knowing they're saving money! The biggest bonus, is they now feel more comfortable sending more work my way -- my billable hours are way up since using A&E Tracker . Thanks again! -- Jeanne Scharfenberg




Check out our professional time billing and inventory tracking software and streamline your business!

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