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Having trouble keeping track of your billable time and expenses for small workgroups of local or remote contractors or employees? This workgroup version keeps track of time and materials for groups of people. Create invoices and many different reports. No monthly charges, great support, free trial for Mac and Windows.

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A&E Tracker for WorkgroupsA&E Tracker Plus

Activity & Expense Tracker for Workgroups - Time & Expense Billing & Reporting for 2 to 100 users

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Activity & Expense Tracker for Workgroups comes in two versions, the User version and the Administrator version.

The Administrator has full ability to add projects, activities and expenses. These lists are then supplied to the Users.

The Users then keep track of their time and expenses in Activity & Expense Tracker and periodically export the data to a text file which is then sent to the Administrator. The Administrator then imports these files and generates invoices and reports.

A&E Tracker now includes a To Do List window which makes it easy to: see what Activities need to be done; Schedule a time to start or complete: the Estimated Time for the Activity; and to switch between various Activities during the day.

In the Administrator's version of the Workgroup edition, the End Date field is replaced with a User field.

Administrators can sort records by user name, and create reports on one or more users.

Try out this time and expense management software.

We offer Prompt, Personal Service & Technical Support
as part of our Time Tracking Software
for Mac & Windows

A User Guide, in pdf format, is available to download and print.

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How you will benefit from using our time management software

Features Benefits
Activity Timer Precise tracking of the hours and minutes you spend working on an activity during a day
Unlimited Clients, Projects, Activity and Expense types The software expands along with your business needs.
User Name Choose from a custom list of user names or let the software automatically insert a default.
Table View Gives you a snapshot of your time and expenses for a particular project and easily jump to another record.
Flexible Activity Rates Choose hourly or flat rates based on the Client, Project or Activity
Time and Expense Reports You can choose any or all Clients, Projects and Activities for any range of dates. Many other options to pick from.
Activity and Expense Notes Add an unlimited amount of text describing the activity performed and the expenses charged on each record.
Accurate Invoicing Invoice specific or all Projects for any range of dates for a Client. Many options to choose from including rounding off times. Your logo and a custom header are printed at the top of the invoice.
Expense Reporting Easily generate reports which total each Expense category for tax preparation.
Timer Log See exactly when you started and stopped the timer for each activity.
Estimated Time Keep track of how much time you estimated or bid for an activity and see how close you came to your estimate.
Collapse Timer You can collapse the window so that only the timer is visible. This allows you to easily start and stop the timer.

To view the Activity & Expense Tracker main window and learn more about using this time and expense tracking software, click here.

Try out this time and expense management software.

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