Password Tracker

Password Tracker

Keep track of all your passwords in one, easy-to-use database

Each record in Password Tracker consists of the Date (1), ID# or User name (2), the name of the Account, Program or Web Site (3), the Password (4), Notes (5) and a short description of the purpose of the password (6). You can add new records or edit the information for any record at any time.

When you click the New button, the Date field (1) will be filled in automatically.

Enter the name of the Account, Program or Web Site and then click on the corresponding radio button (2) as a reminder (and so you can sort by) the category of the password.

Next enter your ID # or User Name (3) and Password (4) in the fields provided.

Type any notes about the account such as how to change the password or contact information into the Notes field (5).

You can enter a short description about the purpose of the password in the Short Description field (6). This field is also used when you create reports.

Read some tips on creating secure passwords by clicking the Password Tips button (7).

Generate a random, secure password by using the Password Generator (8). Above the Notes field there are three Password Prefs (8b) for the Password Generator. Enable Include < = > ? @ ! # $ * ~ to include these special characters in your password. Enable Include at least one Capitol if the password needs at least one capitol letter. You can change the length of the password by clicking the Length (8b) field.

The Password Report (9) button creates a list of all your passwords then allows you to either print or export the report.

You can choose to Set an Access Password (10) so that only you can open Password Tracker.

For information on the unmarked navigation and common buttons, click here.