Invoice Tracker

Invoice Tracker

Keeps track of who still owes you money from Invoices created by Activity & Expense Tracker

Please note: these are no longer the default colors for Invoice Tracker. You can choose any combination of background and button colors, but the default colors now look like this.

Each record in Invoice Tracker consists of the Invoice Date (1), Invoice Number (2), Client (3), Project (4), Due Date (5), Invoice Amount (6), the Date Paid (7), any Partial Payments (8) and the Balance Due (9).

The Date field (1) is filled in automatically. You can easily change the date at any time by clicking the Edit, Today or Choose buttons.

You can add or edit the Invoice # by clicking the field (2) or the Edit button above it.

To add or select a Client (3) or Project (4), by clicking the Add/Select buttons.

To go to the first or last record of a particular Client, click the Go To button (3). Enter the amount of the invoice in the Invoice Amount field (6) by clicking the field or the Edit button above it.

If the invoice is paid in full, just enter the Date Paid (7) by clicking the Edit, Today or Choose button.

To record partial payments, click the Add button above the Partial Payments field (8). You will be asked for the Amount and Date of payment. You can also add a note about the payment (ie, a check # if you wish. The Balance Due (9) is automatically calculated.

Type any reminders or notes you may have directly into the Notes field (10).

All invoices due can be listed by clicking the List Invoices Due button (11).

For information on the unmarked navigation and common buttons, click here.