Schedule Tracker

Schedule Tracker

This Personal Software Administrative Assistant easily generates daily or weekly calendars

Each record in Schedule Tracker consists of the date of the Event (1), the Event Description (2), the Start and Stop Times (3a & 3b), the Location (4), the Purpose (5), Repeating Information (6a & 6b), plus any Notes (7). Add new records or edit the information for any record at any time.

The Start Time and End Time fields are optional (3). If left blank the event will be listed first in the schedule for that day.

Use the Repeating feature (6) to keep track of any repeated events occurring at the same time each day, week, month or year. You can choose to have the event repeat daily, weekly, on week days, every month, yearly or on a particular day of the month.

If Daily or Weekly options are chosen (6a), another field appears (above 6a) which will allow you to specify if you would like the event to repeat every other day (or week).

The Until date field (6b) allow you to specify until when to repeat the event. View and edit the list of repeating dates by clicking the Show List button (6c) that appears after selecting a repeat option.

Keep notes of any length in the Notes field (7).

You can view your schedule for the Month (8), Week (9) or Day (10) in a graphical format, by clicking one of these buttons.

There are several options for printing schedules available by clicking the View Schedule button (11).

For information on the unmarked navigation and common buttons, click here.