Activity & Expense Tracker

Activity & Expense Tracker for Workgroups

All the tools you need to accurately track activities & expenses and create invoices.

Each Activity & Expense Tracker record includes fields for a start Date (1a) and End Date (not shown), User name (1b), Start Time (2a) and End Time (2b), Client Name (3), Project Name (4), and Activity Type (5). You can specify a Rate (6) that is Hourly, Flat (daily) or Non-Billable. The Client or Project can also have a Rate that you can choose (7) instead of the Activity Rate.

You can assign multiple Expenses (8) to a record and Expense Notes (9) of any length. You can add any amounts in the Expense Notes field to the total by clicking Total Expenses. The total of all expenses is displayed in the Expense Amount field (10).

Activity & Expense Tracker includes a Timer feature that allows you to stop, pause, or restart the timer with ease. When you click on the Start Timer button (12), the Stop and Pause buttons appear. An indicator will appear in the Total Time field (11) along with a larger R indicator to remind you that a timer is running. This is illustrated on the next screen.

Running Timer

While the timer is running, you may add notes and record any expenses. The Timer will continue running until you decide you want to stop it. Even if you quit the program or shut down your computer the timer keeps running.

When you click the Pause button (see next screen), it changes to a Go button. Click Go to restart the timer. After pausing the timer, an indicator will appear in the Total Time field (11) to remind you that a timer is paused along with a larger P indicator. When you are finished with an activity, click on the Stop button (see next screen) to complete the record.

You can Allow Multiple Timers to run simultaneously. If this option is not checked (click Prefs and then Special Activity & Expense Tracker Prefs), clicking Start Timer will stop any timer that is already running.

You can add Client/Project/Activity/Rate combinations to the Favorites List (13). Choosing one of these combinations causes a new record for that Client, Project, Activity and Rate to be created (if a record for the current date does not already exist) and automatically starts the timer.

To add the current Client/Project/Activity/Rate combination to the Favorites List (13) menu, choose Add to Favorites List from the menu. You can edit the list by choosing Edit Favorites List from the menu.

You can also Show the Timer Log (14) and Add, Edit or Remove Start, Stop or Pause times with buttons provided (but not visible).

You can add Activity Notes (15) of any length at any time.

Keep track of which activities have been Invoiced or Paid by using these two Checkboxes (16). You can also prevent a record from being included in an invoice by checking the On Hold button (17).

When the Mark Records as Invoiced button is clicked after generating an invoice in Activity & Expense Tracker, the Invoiced button is checked on each record for that invoice and the Invoice Number is added to the Invoice # field (21).

You can collapse the record window by clicking the Collapse button (18), so that only the portion which shows the Total Time field (11), and Start Timer (or Stop and Go or Pause) button (12) is visible. The Client's Name, Project name and Activity are also displayed.

Paused Timer
Collapsed window with Paused timer.

If you enter an Estimated Time (19) then a Time Variance (20) will be calculated whenever the Total Time (11) is updated.

Use the handy mileage reimbursement calculator (22) to record any trips you want to keep track of for tax purposes. This number is added to the Expense Amount (10) and can be included in Invoices & Reports (25).

Click the Table View button (23) to view the records in a spreadsheet format that you can sort and print.

Click the Quick Check button (24) to find out how many hours you have worked on an activity (or all activities) for a particular project and the total billable amount.

You can save or print out invoices and reports on any Client, Project, Activity or Expense type by clicking the Invoices & Reports button (25).

For information on the unmarked navigation and common buttons, click here.