SpiritWorks Software Inc. creates easy-to-use software for rental property managers. Complete equipment rental tracker software solution. Perfect for inventory accounting software, inventory management, inventory management software, inventory control management, inventory tracking system, manufacturing inventory software. Accounting software for non-accountants
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Inventory Tracker Plus manages all your products and generates invoices

Here are details about our inventory & equipment rental tracking software. Create invoices, form letters, and many different reports.

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Equipment Rental Tracker Plus contains all of the following:

Inventory TrackerThis inventory tracking software keeps track of all your rental equipment, inventory for sale, services and other charges. Customizable item descriptions. Easily generate reports on inventory for printing or exporting to other programs. Report totals include: Total Items Purchased, Total Items Sold, Total Items left in stock, Total Sales, Total Cost of Items Sold, Total Profits from Items Sold, Total Cost of Items Purchased, Total Value of Remaining Inventory, and Total Profit or Loss. Click here for more information about Inventory Tracker.

Invoice CreatorThis invoice creation software easily generates quotes, invoices and packing slips using customers from Contact Tracker and products from Inventory Tracker. Includes a field for the Sales Representative. Adds Taxes and Shipping Charges too. Click here for more information about Invoice Creator.

Contact TrackerThis electronic address book keeps track of both business and personal contacts including their name, address, phone(s), and associates as well as any notes about previous interactions. Send form letters to any number of contacts with the Mailing List feature. You can print or export your contact list to other programs including Palm Desktop. You can also easily print envelopes or all contact information including notes. Also includes an area code locator which will tell you what cities are in a specified area code and what area codes are in a specific city or state. Click here for more information about Contact Tracker.

Expense TrackerKeep track of all your expenses including advertising, cleaning & maintenance, insurance, management fees, mileage, repairs, utilities, etc. You can also print checks and view balances with the Checkbook Register. Easily create reports for tax returns. Click here for more information about Expense Tracker.

Other Income TrackerThis component will help you keep track of deposits and payments to your Accounts, and all your miscellaneous income such as coin operated vending machines, laundry, etc. Click here for more information about Other Income Tracker.

Schedule TrackerKeep track of all your appointments, birthdays, etc. with this versatile electronic date book. You can set an event to repeat every day, every other day, every week day, every week, every other week, every month on the same date, every month on the same day of the month, or every year for as long as you specify. You can print daily, weekly and monthly schedules too. Import or export your appointments to other programs including Palm Desktop. Click here for more information about Schedule Tracker.

Task TrackerThis To Do list generator helps you remember and prioritize all the things you think of as you are working. You can easily sort your task list by priority, date entered, deadline or task name. Then you can print or export your list to another program such as Palm Desktop. Click here for more information about Task Tracker.

Universal CalculatorHere is a simple number calculator that will also: compute a date that is x number of days before or after a date you specify; let you know the day of the year of any date; tell you what time it is anywhere in the world; convert just about any US or British length, volume or weight to it's metric equivalent with the conversion calculator; figure the amount of foreign currency that a number of dollars is worth (or the other way around) given the current exchange rate with the currency calculator; and easily compute discounts and taxes on any amount. Click here for more information about the Universal Calculator.

Try out this time and expense management software.

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