Contact Tracker

Contact Tracker

The Electronic Address Book Solution

Each record in Contact Tracker consists of fields for the Contact's First Name (1) & Last Name (2), and Company Name (3).

You can enter separate Mailing (4) and Shipping Addresses (4b). These can have different City, State (5), Province, Zip Code, and Country (5b) entries. Switch between them by using the tab buttons (4b).

To quickly prepare an envelope for printing, choose Mailing or Shipping (4b) and then click the Prepare Envelope (6) button. You can add your return address or make other changes before clicking the Print button.

You can add any number of Phones/Fax/Pagers (7), Family or Associates (8) names and Notes (12). Click Expand Notes (17) to make this field taller.

The Address Format for this Contact menu (9) determines the order and format of the City, State, Province, and Zip or Postal Code when printed. There is a similar menu in the Formats section of Prefs that becomes the Default, but you can specify a different format for each contact if you wish.

The Address Format (9) settings apply to Contact Lists, Envelopes, Mailing Lists, (and Invoice Creator invoices, packing lists, labels, etc. if Invoice Creator is an installed component).Misc Contact Fields

The are also four miscellaneous fields that you can customize for your unique purposes. These are accessed by clicking the Show Misc. Fields button (10). (Go ahead and click this button to see the Misc. fields.) Click the Change button (10b) above the field to modify the label above the field.

Enter an E-mail address (11) in the field provided. Below this field is a Contact Type menu button (15). There are 11 Types to choose from including: Acquaintance, Agent, Client, Customer, Employee, Family, Friend, Guest, Owner, Sales Rep., and Vendor. If the Type Customer is chosen then a Customer Number field will appear.

If the Type Vendor, Agent or Sales Rep. is chosen then a Tax ID# field will appear. If Employee is chosen then the Tax ID# and an Employee # field will appear. If the Type Owner is chosen then the Tax ID# and a Management Fee field will appear.

Clicking the Mailing List (13) button produces a new window where you can choose which contacts to send a form letter to. After making your selections you are presented with another window where you can compose your letter and create a letterhead which can include your logo.

The Schedule Event button (14) creates a new record in Schedule Tracker with the Contact as the Event.

Click the Area Codes & WTM button (16) to access either the Area Code lookup tool or the World Time Map where you can see at a glance what time it is in any part of the world.

The FCC List button (18) opens a new window where you can add contacts to a Frequently Called Contacts list. This window has a special notes field, a Last Contacted field and buttons to manage the list.

Click the Create Invoice button (19) to create a new invoice in Invoice Creator for the current contact/customer.

View a complete list of contacts by clicking the List Contacts button (20). You can easily sort and display only specified contacts. You can also save them to a text file or print them.

You can add new records or edit the information for any record at any time.

For information on the unmarked navigation and common buttons, click here.