SpiritWorks Software Inc. creates easy-to-use software for creative, legal and technical professionals and rental property managers.  Small Business Tracker Deluxe allows self-employed professionals, or small businesses, to keep track of their time, expense, contacts, schedules, invoices and even inventory.

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Windows 7 compatible

Windows 10 Compatible too!

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Mac OS 10.2 and above

Download your copy of this small business tracking software for most Macintosh and Windows computers.

Small Business Tracker Deluxe version 2.0 was released December 9, 2014.
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Please choose a file to download:

Brief download instructions are at the bottom of this page. You will find a detailed download and installation tutorial here.

You may use the Trial version for 10 days before you need to Register the software for unlimited use. If you are already a registered user see this note.

• Choose a Trial Software installer or Quick Tour for your computer - If you have trouble with the download or running the installer, download the User Guide or Quick Tour and then try the installer again.

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10
Save the installer to your Desktop. If you get a message that the publisher can't be verified, just click OK and enjoy the software.

Download Installer
7.0 MB


Downloading software to Windows - you will probably get a message from Microsoft that warns that downloading software to your computer MAY harm your computer. Our software has been certified virus-free and WILL NOT harm your computer. Choose Save if you have that choice.
In Windows 7 or above, click Run, then Action, then More Options and choose Run Anyway. You may also get a notice on your "security bar" that the download has been "blocked". Clicking the Download button should provide a Save button. If not, you may have to change your security settings to download the file.

Mac Universal LogoMac OSX 10.2 to 10.12
Save the installer to your computer and then drag the program folder from the installer to your Applications folder. See the Installation Instructions for more information.

Mac Installer

10.1 MB


Running downloaded software in Mac OSX. When you open the program for the first time you will probably get a message that the program was downloaded from the Internet. Our software has been certified virus-free and WILL NOT harm your computer. Click the Open button to continue. If you do not see such a button then you may have to change your security settings (open the Security pane in System Preferences) to download the file. Special Instructions for Mac OS 10.12.x users. After copying the Program folder into the Applications folder, open the Program folder and create an alias of the sbtpmain.rev file. Place this alias on your Desktop and use it to open the program.

Mac OSX 11 and above. This software is no longer supported for the new Mac OSX version 11 or above.

Mac OSX 10.15. Contact the developer at support@productivity-software.com for a special patch that will allow the software to run in 64bit mode.

Special Instructions for Mac OS 10.12.x to 10.15 users.

User Guide - .pdf for all computers
A complete user guide is still under development - in the mean time, these two guides (plus the Guided Tour and Help) will get you started.

For a more condensed User Guide, view or print this Tips on Using... page.

Activity & Expense Tracker Plus
User Guide

1.2 MB
Inventory Tracker Plus
User Guide

1.2 MB

• Instructions for installing on a portable drive

Macintosh users can click the Download Mac Installer link above and then copy the program folder from the installer window onto any portable drive. Windows users should download the .zip file (from the link in the last paragraph of the next section) to their Desktop, open the .zip file on their computer, and then copy the program folder from the zip file window onto their portable drive.

• Installation instructions for Windows systems

1) Right click on a link above and choose "Save as..." from the popup menu, then choose where you want the SBTD.msi file and make a note of its location. After installation you can give this file to a friend.

2) Double-click (or run) the SBTD.msi file and follow the directions to install the software on your computer. (Vista does not like the program in the Program Files folder.)

3) Open the program by clicking the shortcut for the Small Business Tracker.exe on your desktop. A new program group is added to your Start menu with shortcuts to tips, registration information and an uninstaller.

Warning: you can't install two copies of either the same program, or more than one program on one computer using the Installer (.msi) files. If you want to install additional programs, download this .zip file. If you download the .zip file you will need to install the software in your Documents folder and create a shortcut to the application. YOU MUST delete the .zip file before using the software.

• Installation instructions for Macintosh OSX systems

Just click on the Download Installer link for OSX above and the file will be downloaded to your computer. The .dmg file should automatically mount as a new drive in a new Finder window. If not, just double-click it. Next copy the Small Business Tracker folder from the virtual drive to your Applications folder. Then eject the virtual drive and delete the .dmg file.

Mac users need to copy the software from the installer to their Applications folder and run the software from there.

Next open your Applications folder, open the new Small Business Tracker folder, then double-click on the Small Business Tracker.app. You may also want to drag the new program to your Dock, so you can easily locate Small Business Tracker Deluxe in the future.

Here's the workaround for opening Small Business Tracker Deluxe in Mountain Lion and later.

Gatekeeper gives you three security options. Just like today, you can download and install apps from anywhere on the web. Or you can choose the safest option and download and install apps only from the Mac App Store. Or use the default option, which allows you to download apps from the Mac App Store as well as those signed with a Developer ID. If an app is unsigned, Gatekeeper blocks the app from being installed and warns you that it did not come from an identified developer. If you’re sure the app is safe, which all SpiritWorks Software is, you can manually override Gatekeeper by Control-clicking the app and choosing to open it.

• For older versions, Installation questions or Technical Support, e-mail support @ productivity-software.com

If you are updating from an older version of this software:

1) Click the Backup Records button on the Welcome Screen and save the .bak file to your desktop.
2) Open the .bak file in a text editor such as Notepad. Make sure all your records are included for each component of the software.
3) Quit and uninstall the program.
4) Download and install the new software.
5) Register the new software (If you do not already have a v1.8.x registration number, click here to pay the upgrade fee).
6) Then click Restore Records on the Welcome screen. You will be asked to locate your backup file.

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