SpiritWorks Software Inc. creates easy-to-use software for creative, legal and technical professionals and rental property managers.  Time, Expense, Inventory and Rental Property Tracking
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Upgrade Your Registration

This page is ONLY for registered users of SpiritWorks Software. Upon receipt of funds, a new registration number will be e-mailed to you.

If you already have a registration number for the versions indicated below, then you do not need to pay for an upgrade.

Only if you have an older version of one of these programs, click an upgrade button in the table below for a secure order form to order by PayPal or Credit Card.

Activity & Expense Tracker v5.8 Activity & Expense Tracker Plus v1.8 A & E Tracker v5.8 to Activity & Expense Tracker Plus v1.8 Inventory Tracker Plus v3.0 Small Business Tracker Deluxe v1.8
only $29
only $49
only $79
only $79
only $79

To upgrade from Activity & Expense Tracker for Workgroups (or any other upgrade not covered on this page) please send an email to support@productivity-software.com

You can also make payments with PayPal


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