SpiritWorks Software Inc. creates easy-to-use software for creative, legal and technical professionals and rental property managers.  Small Business Tracker Deluxe allows self-employed professionals, or small businesses, to keep track of their time, expense, contacts, schedules, invoices and even inventory.
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Are you having trouble keeping track of your inventory, time and invoices, income & expenses, schedules, etc.?

This easy-to-use small business management software is all you need to keep track of your billable time & materials, inventory, income, expenses, schedules and much more. Streamline your solopreneur business and increase your profits with this free trial accounting software for Mac and Windows.

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Small Business Tracker Deluxe - Complete Time, Inventory & Invoice Management
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Small Business Tracker Deluxe is easy to use home office software that has all the tools you will need to effectively manage your small or home business activities - leaving more time for personal productivity.

With Small Business Tracker Deluxe, everything from business time and expenses, invoices to "to-do" tasks are easily tracked, compiled and reported - all in one, easy-to-use, cross-platform database system.

Small Business Tracker Deluxe is the proven choice for:

  • writers, programmers, self-employed professionals
  • graphic artists, attorneys, consultants, contractors
  • small offices, home offices and workgroups
  • all your home business software needs

Small Business Tracker Deluxe is also the perfect time tracking and accounting software solution for students, teachers, athletes, and hobbyists.

With this small business management software, you get project time tracking software that creates invoices and tracks your receivables, expenses, inventory, contacts and more from your home office.

A&E Tracker now includes a To Do List window which makes it easy to: see what Activities need to be done; Schedule a time to start or complete: the Estimated Time for the Activity; and to switch between various Activities during the day.

Make income tax preparation easier with this time, expense and inventory tracking software.

Also includes a Shopping List generator. Save up to four customized lists you can print and take with you.

International users can adjust the currency symbol and format, the time and date formats, and the address format. You can also see what time it is anywhere in the world with the World Time Map.

Free trial small business software to download
for most Windows and Macintosh computers.
Data can be shared between any of these computers.

This portable application will easily install and run on most desktop or portable computers, and any portable drive.

Try out this time and expense management software.

Customize colors, currency symbol ($, £, ¥, €, etc.), date, time, distance and liquid measure formats, report font and size, etc. in this relational database. Invoices and Reports can be translated into any language.

A Guided Tour is included with this small business accounting software.

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Thanks for a great product. Small Business Tracker Deluxe fills what was a great void in the availability of "all-in-one" software solutions for the busy sole proprietor needing to wear all the business office "hats" of accountant, clerk, administrator and business professional. Bravo, SpiritWorks! -Bruce Wermuth


Excellent software, support, and help information. As an 8 year user of Timeslips, I've been looking for a Mac OS X time and billing application. I've checked out all that I could find and was very impressed with Activity & Expense Tracker and it's big brother, Small Business Tracker which includes invoice, contact, task, and schedule tracking. It could almost replace Palm Desktop or similar. I wanted to import Timeslips data and the software author was very responsive and developed an importer for Timeslips data in one day!

Very impressive! Not only does it work great but it is surprising, refreshing, and appreciated that you took the time and quickly provided this assistance. I ended up getting Small Business Tracker for it's extra capabilities than Activity & Expense Tracker. Your program is more intuitive and as useful as Timeslips for my purposes. I like it a lot. - Terry Ackerman, TMA Fine Home Design, Durango, Colorado



Check out our professional time billing and inventory tracking software and streamline your business!

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