SpiritWorks Software Inc. creates easy-to-use software for creative, legal and technical professionals and rental property managers.  Vacation Rental Tracker Plus is reservation software that helps rental managers keep track of their units, guests, schedules, expenses and income.
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We know you have many other options in this market.
Here's how we think our reservation software compares.

OverviewProduct DetailsOther PM Products
Features & BenefitsWeb-based vs Desktop apps

Features Vacation Rental
Tracker Plus
RezSoft innFirst ivacation
(max units)
$1200/yr (100 units) $360/yr (7)
$480/yr (15)
$600/yr (25)
$720/yr (40)
(over 40)
$99/yr for
each unit (ie, $2500/yr for
25 units)
Support Included $400/yr included online only  
Availability Calendar yes yes yes yes yes
Flexible Rates yes yes yes yes  
Credit Card Payments yes     yes yes
Housekeeping yes        
Scheduling yes        
Asset Tracking yes        
Work Orders yes        
Contact Management yes yes   yes  
Mac version yes   yes yes yes
Multiple Users   yes yes yes  
On-line Booking yeswith WebReserv   yes yes yes
Desktop Application yes



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