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New Software Designed Especially for Bed and Breakfast Operators Makes it Easy to Track and Manage Information

FROM: SpiritWorks Software Inc.
Contact: Garth Catterall-Heart
Email: info@spiritworks-software.com
Phone: 503-560-1028


SUMMARY: SpiritWorks Software Inc., developers of productivity software for rental property owners and managers, has released a new user-friendly product designed especially for the bed and breakfast industry.

MCMINNVILLE, OR. August 26, 2010 – SpiritWorks Software Inc. today announced that it recently released Bed & Breakfast Tracker Plus, new software designed especially for bed and breakfast operators.

This easy-to-use software helps B&B owners manage their business, regardless of the number of rooms. Built to run on either PC or Macintosh platforms, the software provides a single place to organize and track all rental activities, including reservations, payments, expenses, contacts, appointments—even taxes.

The product becomes the company’s fifth in a series of applications developed for the property rental and lodging rental industries.

According to software designer Garth Catterall-Heart, “Now B&B owners have a better option to make managing their business easier and more efficient. The time you save by using this software will free you up to focus more on the parts of your lodging business that make you money.”

And B&B Tracker Plus is affordable, Catterall-Heart points out. For a one-time low purchase price, users can own it—rather than making ongoing monthly payments that never end. Users can evaluate it risk-free by taking advantage of the free 10-day trial download on the company’s site.

Among the robust program’s new features, is the capability of working with Webreserv, which accepts online bookings and generates availability tables that B&B owners can post on their web site.

The software’s features also enable users to:

* Easily create reservation confirmations, statements and receipts, and either print or e-mail them to guests.

* Send form letters to any or all guests.

* View a list of daily reminders of administrative tasks, such as security deposit due notices, arrival reminders, thank you notes, tentative reservation expirations, etc.

* Track all income, expenses and income tax information, and track sales or lodging tax.

* Create account registers for any number of accounts and print checks on your current blank checks.

To learn more, view a video, and download a demo of Bed and Breakfast Tracker Plus, visit https://productivity-software.com/bedbreakfast

For more information about the quality software offered by SpiritWorks Software, Inc. please e-mail info@productivity-software.com or visit the company web site at https://productivity-software.com .


About SpiritWorks Software Inc.: SpiritWorks Software is based in McMinnville, Oregon, and develops personal productivity software for self-employed professionals, small businesses and property rental managers. Their small business information management products are designed to help customers streamline their businesses, increase productivity and raise profit margins. Related products include Rental Property Tracker Plus, Vacation Rental Tracker Plus, Resort Rental Tracker Plus and Commercial Rental Tracker Plus.