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Press Release for Vacation Rental Tracker Plus

Contact: Garth Catterall-Heart
E-MAIL: info@spiritworks-software.com
Graphics available upon request

SpiritWorks Software Releases Vacation Rental Tracker Plus

Lodging Rental Management Software Compliments Growing Line of Products

(Redwood Valley, CA August 19, 2003)--- SpiritWorks Software Development recently announced the release of Vacation Rental Tracker Plus for both Macintosh and Windows computers. Vacation Rental Tracker Plus is another key product release in a long list of small business information management software products.

Vacation Rental Tracker Plus is a complete hospitality software program for short term rental properties that helps owners or managers of vacation rentals (rooms, condos, houses, cabins, etc.), manage reservations, units, guests, rental income and expenses.

"Vacation Rental Tracker Plus is a key product in our arsenal of productivity software products," said Garth Catterall-Heart, President of SpiritWorks Software Development. "Our Rental Property Tracker Plus product has been a big success for us and the Vacation Rental Tracker Plus product was a natural next step in the evolution and maturity of our product line."

Vacation Rental Tracker Plus is an easy-to-use rental management software suite for anyone who rents property on a short term basis. Users can keep track of units that are currently Rented, Reserved, Available for Rent, or Out of Service. A Customer Database is maintained with a History of past rentals and credit information. A Rental Availability Checker shows at a glance what units are Rented, Reserved, or Available. The Rental Schedule component reports on all units that are reserved or currently rented.

Also included are modules that track income and expenses; organize all the information about your units, tasks, and contacts; prepare reports for printing or exporting; and generate income tax information. International users can set preferences for date and time formats, currency symbol, colors and more.

Vacation Rental Tracker Plus runs on and shares data between most computers including Macintosh and Windows operating systems. The product retails for $249 and comes with a 10-day free trial, which can be downloaded from the SpiritWorks web site. Registered users also receive free technical support.

SpiritWorks has also just released version 1.7.3 of its Rental Property Tracker Plus product, which is a rental property management software product for managers and landlords. The new version includes the ability to print Statements and Receipts with logos and other letter head elements, and new Monthly, Weekly and Daily views of the Schedule Tracker records (appointments). Rental Property Tracker Plus retails for $149 and also comes with a 10-day free trial which can be downloaded.

About SpiritWorks Software Development:

SpiritWorks Software Development, located in Redwood Valley, CA, is a developer of personal productivity software for self-employed professionals, small businesses and property rental managers. Their line of small business information management systems, which includes Activity and Expense Tracker, Inventory Tracker Plus, Small Business Tracker Deluxe, Rental Property Tracker Plus and Vacation Rental Tracker Plus, is designed to help customers streamline their business, be more productive and increase profit margins. They also provide web site design and custom interactive media such as multimedia sales and interactive training presentations. For more information about the highly respected software offered by SpiritWorks Software Development, please email info@spiritworks-software.com or visit the company's web site at www.spiritworks-software.com.