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Vacation Rental Tracker Plus updated to v1.3.0

Contact: Garth Catterall-Heart
Phone: 503-560-1028
E-MAIL: info@spiritworks-software.com
Graphics available upon request

New Reports and Other Great Improvements
to Vacation Rental Tracker Plus

Carlton, OR, June 25, 2005 - SpiritWorks Software released a new version of their popular Vacation Rental Tracker Plus program today. New reports and many other important improvements, make this great program even better.

Now you can split Security Deposits into two payments or make the entire amount due on the Deposit Due Date. A unit's rental History can now be exported to a text file which can be sent to home owners.

The new Account Register will provide a balance sheet for any account and uses records from Other Income Tracker to keep track of all deposits, and records from Expense Tracker for all disbursements. A new CL check box on Expense Tracker records can be used to indicate when a check has cleared, making account reconciliation much easier.

Version 1.3.0 has many new features including:

  • A new Prepay Charges button, in the Deposit section of Reservation Tracker, allows you to specify that all charges are due on the Deposit Due date.
  • Also in the Deposit section of Reservation Tracker, there is a new 1st Due Date field, which can be used to split deposits into two payments.
  • When the current date is after the Arrival or Departure date, you are now prompted to change the Status for the Reservation record to Checked In or Checked Out.
  • A new departure Time field has been added to Reservation Tracker and some fields have been moved to new positions.
  • When a reservation is being created and you need to leave the record for some reason (ie, to check availability) a small window will open to help you easily return to the Reservation record that is In Progress.
  • The Guest's phone number(s) are now added to Confirmations, Statements and Receipts.
  • The Payment Due Report (in Reservation Tracker's Other Reports section) can now be sorted by Amount Due, Departure Date or Arrival Date.
  • There is now a Tax Report in Reservation Tracker's Other Reports section that totals rental income and taxes for each unit.
  • You can now specify which days (Thurs, Fri, Sat or Sun) are Weekend days, for rates of type WD/WE, in the Rental Rates window in Vacation Unit Tracker.
  • Also in Vacation Unit Tracker, you can now use the new Export History button to save the History field as a text file, in order to send it to an owner.
  • The Reservation Status has been added to the Housekeeping table and Schedule Checker.
  • Also in the Schedule Checker, you can now choose between showing the Arrival or Departure Time or the Balance Due.
  • Housekeeping dates can now be added to the schedule for units with no reservations.
  • If the Prepay Charges option in the Deposit section of Reservation Tracker is checked, then the third option for Schedule Checker will be All Balances Due instead of Security Deposits. When All Balances Due is selected the From date is ignored and all reservations with a balance due are reported.
  • The Account Register has been changed to an Account Register. The Add Deposit section of the Account Register has been removed and is replaced by Other Income Tracker. Now Other Income Tracker's main purpose is to keep track of deposits and payments to all Accounts. All Other Income Records are added to the Account Register as Deposits.
  • Rental Expense Tracker now has a Cleared button (marked Cl) next to the Check # field in order to facilitate checkbook reconciliation.
  • When there are multiple units on a reservation, payments can now be applied to a particular unit.
  • In the Property Management Invoice if the guest uses a credit card or travel agent the owner can now be charged a fee.
  • Minor problems with Expense Tracker's Reports (including the Property Management Invoice) have been fixed.
  • Many other minor improvements

Users can try out the software free for 10 days, before registering it for only $249. Vacation Rental Tracker Plus runs on most computers including, Windows 98/2000/NT/XP and Macintosh operating systems.

Colin Patterson from Australia proclaims "Your product (Vacation Rental Property Tracker) has been the easiest and most informative property management software I have tested (I have tried about 10 so far). Your support and assistance has been exceptional, especially when you consider the time difference, distance and time of year. You are to be congratulated."

About SpiritWorks Software Development:

SpiritWorks Software Development, located in Carlton, OR, is a developer of personal productivity software for self-employed professionals, small businesses and property rental managers. Their line of small business information management systems, which includes Rental Property Tracker Plus, Vacation Rental Tracker Plus, Activity and Expense Tracker, Inventory Tracker Plus and Small Business Tracker Deluxe, is designed to help customers streamline their business, be more productive and increase profit margins. They also provide web site design and custom interactive media such as multimedia sales and interactive training presentations. For more information about the highly respected software offered by SpiritWorks Software Development, please email info@spiritworks-software.com or visit the company's web site at http://www.spiritworks-software.com.