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New Software Offers Best Value for Managing Long-Term and Short-Term Reservation Rentals

May 27, 2009
Contact: Garth Catterall-Heart
Phone: 503-560-1028
Graphics available upon request

Affordable New Software Streamlines and Improves
Property Management for Resort and Vacation Rentals

Life just got easier for people who manage resort and vacation properties, thanks to a new software program called Resort Rental Tracker Plus.

Resort Rental Tracker Plus offers a host of new features to help managers organize and take control of their rental businesses. The software offers more than double the functionality of most competing applications at a price that’s as much as 77% lower.

In addition, developer SpiritWorks Software built in a new asset tracking module that is typically available only in programs that cost significantly more. The module enables property managers to record and track assets in individual units, including appliances, artwork, furniture, etc. Resort Rental Tracker Plus is also the industry’s only program that runs natively on the Macintosh® operating system as well as Windows®.

According to software designer Garth Catterall-Heart, “We designed Resort Rental Tracker Plus specifically to help people manage both short and long-term rental properties. If you manage tenants, expenses and reservations for resort and vacation properties, there isn’t a more flexible, easier-to-use program on the market—regardless of what kind of property you have.”

Software user Stephanie Remer said, "I have tried and used over a dozen rental property or property management software packages... Forgive the cliché, but it really should be called "Property Management for Dummies" because it is so user friendly!"

This easy-to-use accounting software helps resorts, condo owners, campgrounds, RV parks and others streamline operations and increase profits. The software is available for a free 10-day trial at www.productivity-software.com/resort/index.html

Program features make it easy for users to:

  • Manage any number of units and owners. Property management invoices can be generated for any time period for property owners.
  • Organize all rental activities, including tasks, contacts and even appointments.
  • View a resort map for quickly accessing information about the unit, a reservation or a tenant, and recording payments.
  • Keep track of long-term rental units, tenants, rental income and expenses.
  • Accept government subsidies (Section 8 certificate and voucher programs for example) as partial rent payments.
  • Create reservation confirmations, statements and receipts and either print or e-mail them to guests.
  • Send form letters to any or all contacts, guests or owners.
  • Track all income and expenses. Create account registers for any number of accounts. Prints checks on blank checks.
  • Generate income tax information.

SpiritWorks Software is based in McMinnville, Oregon, and develops personal productivity software for self-employed professionals, small businesses and property rental managers. Their small business information management products are designed to help customers streamline their businesses, increase productivity and raise profit margins. Other products include Rental Property Tracker Plus, Vacation Rental Tracker Plus, Activity and Expense Tracker, Inventory Tracker Plus and Small Business Tracker Deluxe.

For more information about the quality software offered by SpiritWorks Software Development, please e-mail info@productivity-software.com or visit the company web site at www.productivity-software.com