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Rental Tracker Plus Press Release


New Release of Property Rental Software Offers Property Managers and Landlords A Skillful Way to Organize

RENTAL TRACKER PLUS, an all-in-one Productivity Software Suite, provides a convenient, thorough and organized means of tracking tenants, rental property, income and expenses.

Redwood Valley, California - January 3, 2003 - A new version of Rental Tracker Plus, 1.5.2, offered by Spiritworks Software Development, has hit the market. This release adds yet more features and improvements to an already-popular Rental Property Management tool.

Disorganization can be costly. With Rental Tracker Plus, Property Managers and Landlords have a much easier time of getting and staying organized by automating lease agreements, tracking units and tenants, creating tenant statements, and much more. Managers and Landlords can also print payment histories, accounting reports, and reports to aid in tax preparation.

TO DOWNLOAD A 10-DAY FREE TRIAL COPY, please go to: https://productivity-software.com/rental

Rental Tracker Plus runs on both Windows and Macintosh computers. The software is available via download from the website for a 10-day free trial. Following the trial period, users may continue using the software by simply purchasing a registration code for $99 from the website. SpiritWorks accepts any of the following payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Money Order, etc.

Important New Features in Version 1.5.2:

  • Automated Lease Agreements
  • Tenant Statements
  • Payment history reports that show the running balance due
  • Report editing capability
  • Daily late charge calculation as well as flat rate late charge postings
  • Ability to select an entire building to post expenses to
  • Mortgage payment tracking for rental units
  • Option to add an additional name to a lease agreement and any notices
  • Two additional fields for contact data to enhance potential sort criteria

Rental Tracker Plus conveniently organizes property rental data, such as: tenants, units, income and expenses with the following components:

  • Tenant Tracker: Tracks Tenant names, phone numbers, payment history, and generates Tenant leases, reports and notices
  • Rental Unit Tracker: Tracks past and present Tenants, unit descriptions and condition notes, and creates reports
  • Rental Income Tracker: Tracks rental income for weekly, monthly or multiple month rental periods. Generates Tenant receipts, statements and creates reports for accounting or tax purposes
  • Rental Expense Tracker: Tracks rental expenses, such as advertising, cleaning/maintenance, insurance, management fees, mileage, repairs, utilities, and creates reports for tax purposes

Additional Components:

  • Contact Tracker: An electronic address book for all business and personal contacts, their addresses, phone(s), any associates and additional notes. Complete contact lists with notes can be printed or exported for use in other programs. Offers an area code locator.
  • Schedule Tracker: An electronic date book for tracking appointments, birthdays or other important dates. Events can be scheduled to repeat over various time periods for recurring events. Prints daily, weekly or monthly schedules, and will import/export appointments for use in other programs.
  • Task Tracker: An electronic to-do list to remind and prioritize interim steps for completing projects. The to-do list can be sorted by priority, date entered, deadline date or task name.
  • Universal Calculator: A simple number calculator, but with added features that give the user the ability to determine:
    • A date in the future or in the past, based on any date
    • What day of the year a date corresponds to
    • What time it is anywhere in the world
    • Conversions for most any U.S. or British length, volume or weight to its metric equivalent
    • Conversions from U.S.-to-foreign or foreign-to-U.S. currency, given the current exchange rate
    • Discounts and sales tax on any amount
    • Payment and Amortization Schedules


    As with all of Spiritworks' software, Rental Tracker Plus includes free customer support for all registered users and a Guided Tour as a teaching aid for learning the software. This program also offers an easy-to-use Setup Wizard. Users can tailor their working environment by selecting custom display colors, date and time formats, distance and liquid measurement standard, currency symbol to be used throughout all components, and desired font and type size for reports.

    FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO DOWNLOAD A 10-DAY FREE TRIAL COPY, please go to: https://productivity-software.com/rental

    In addition to Rental Tracker Plus, SpiritWorks Software Development offers a complete line of Productivity Software Suites for Self-Employed Professionals, Small Business Owners, and Property Rental Managers. All of their award-winning products are available via free web downloads for a 10-day free trial, and all may be purchased via the web using standard payment methods.

    For more information about these other Spiritworks products, go to:

    Activity & Expense Tracker: https://productivity-software.com/aetracker

    Inventory Tracker Plus https://productivity-software.com/inventory

    Small Business Tracker Deluxe https://productivity-software.com/sbtracker

    SpiritWorks' Owner/Developer, Garth Catterall-Heart places a high value on quality customer support and encourages customer feedback at any stage.

    CONTACT: Garth Catterall-Heart
    SpiritWorks Software Development
    P. O. Box 216
    Redwood Valley, CA 95470
    E-mail: info@productivity-software.com

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