SpiritWorks Software Inc. creates easy-to-use software for creative, legal and technical professionals and rental property managers.  Commercial Rental Tracker Plus is leasing software that helps rental managers keep track of their commercial units, tenants, schedules, expenses and income.  
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• Complete commercial property management software system
• Creates rental invoices, leases, income & expense reports, etc. • Easily see who still owes you money

Download your FREE trial software for Mac and Windows that resides securely on your desktop. A one time payment gets you unlimited units, great customer support and updates.

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Commercial Rental Property Management Software

Commercial Rental Tracker Plus is rental property management software, or rental property manager software, for commercial real estate rental property management

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Commercial Rental Tracker Plus is a complete, affordable, easy-to-use, rental property manager software program for long term rental property management with which you can:

Manage any number of units and owners. Commercial property management invoices can be generated for any time period, for your property owners.

Organize all your rental activities, including tasks, contacts, and even appointments with this property management system.

Rent Roll report shows all Tenants (or just those who have not paid in the current month or all who have balances due) and if they are Late (and how many days late) and their Balance.

• Automated Property Tax, Liability Insurance, expense and utility payment distributions.

Accept online credit card payments with this investment property management software.

Asset Tracker keeps track of any appliances, furniture, etc. that is rented with the unit.

Work Order Tracker keeps track of any repairs or maintenance schedules.

Commercial Unit Tracker has fields for Building Sq. Ft., Useable Sq. Ft., Common Sq Ft., Useable Sq Ft. Rate and Common Sq Ft. Rate. It computes the rent based on these numbers.

Commercial Unit Tracker has an expanded Description section, a list of Assets associated with the Unit, Expenses to be charged to the Tenant including Property Taxes and Liability Insurance, Notes, History, and Unit Cost information.

• New Ownership features include Contributions, Distributions, and Equity.

• You can also specify a Building Type and a Lease Type with this investment property management software.

Commercial Tenant Tracker includes more relevant Information fields, including three fields you can use for any purpose. It also has a field which records Expenses that are paid by the tenant as well as preferences for % of Expenses and % of Utilities & Other Charges.

• Send form letters to any or all contacts, guests or owners with the Contact Tracker component of this commercial property software.

• Also includes the World Time Map which lets you see what time it is anywhere in the world.

Track all of your income and expenses. Create account registers for any number of accounts. Prints checks on your current blank checks.

• This property managing software easily generates income tax information and rent roll reports.

• International users can adjust the currency symbol and format, the time and date formats, and the address format. You can also see what time it is anywhere in the world with the World Time Map.

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A User Guide for this commercial property management software, in pdf format, is available to download and print.

This portable application will easily install and run on most desktop or portable computers running Mac OSX or Windows, and any portable drive.

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Download this free trial desktop software for Mac and Windows that resides securely on your computer. A one time payment gets you unlimited units, great customer support and updates.

Streamline your business and increase your profits with this business property management software for Mac & Windows. This affordable, complete, single user, easy-to-use accounting software is designed for small commercial rental property managers. It tracks your tenant leases for office buildings, stores, etc.

Most users save time and money by downloading our commercial property leasing application instead of using web-based software. Read more about our rental property programs for Mac and Windows.



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