SpiritWorks Software Inc. creates easy-to-use software for creative, legal and technical professionals and rental property managers.  World time zone converter and map shows time difference between international worldwide time zones around the world
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Tips for using your Time Zone Map

This World Time Map shows time zone difference between international worldwide time zones around the world

Choose your time zone from the menu at the bottom of the window (1). You can also click any time field to switch to that time zone. If you choose a time zone that is not represented by a time zone field, a Current Time field will appear at the top of the window for the chosen time zone.

To determine what time it will be in your time zone when it is a certain time in the other time zone, click or choose the target zone and then Reset and Change Time. Enter the target time and note the corresponding time in your time zone.

You can choose to display times in 24 hr or am/pm notation by using the control provided (2).

To switch to a Daylight Saving Time, click the DST button for that time zone or country (ie, 3).

The yellow time field (4) indicates the time in the current time zone. To set a new time, click the yellow field and enter a time. Valid formats are 12:34 or 1500 or 1p or 10a or 11am or 234pm or 1;23.

There are two fields at the bottom of the screen (5) that indicate the date line for the time zone and current time combination chosen. This date line is always set for standard time. If all times on the chart are for the same day, you will only see one of these fields.