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Testimonials - We have no testimonials yet for the World Time Map, so YOU can be the first. Here are some reviews of some of our other software programs.

HALLELUAH!! I have tried and used (or demo'd) over a dozen Rental Property/Property Management Software Packages. NONE OF THEM, compare to the ease of use with your Rental Property Tracker Plus. Forgive the cliche, but it really should be called "Property Management for Dummies" because it is SO USER FRIENDLY! It guides you effortlessly through each step of data input. I will definately show it off at the next Property Owners Association Meeting here in Omaha, NE.

I'm just thankful, I can sit down and input data without dozens of calls to a support line, or to hours of reading online help screens or manuals. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

- Stephanie Remer, Owner, P-3, DLR and Legacy Enterprises, LLC


Thank you for writing such a straight forward and easy to use program. You've captured the process of rental tracking and automated it beautifully. I'm a volunteer "bookkeeper" for a non-profit and I'm so glad to have found a program that I don't have to be an accountant to use. Your program and your excellent support are very much appreciated! - Sincerely, Jim Schaffitz


I ordered the Activity & Expense Tracker on 12/17/08 - and I love it! I wish I had ordered it years ago - and I know I have only used a small part of the Tracker. It is really going to make my job easier keeping track of my activities and time with client files. I was using an old typewriter/carbon paper method which had slips that had to then be transferred to ledger sheets, etc. etc. etc. The first week was a little scary for me - in learning something totally new, but it was so easy to learn and it all falls into place within a couple of days! - Sue A. Ottens, Legal Assistant to William R. Shirk


Someone finally invented an intuitive inventory tracker! Keep up the good work. I will be in touch. I have had my cawfee and am busily plugging away at my Andale online store. I am able to do this horrendous left-brained task because your software enabled me to do lingerie inventory and cough up a purchase order for sizes and colors that we need to reorder in about 4 minutes! I really feel like there is hope for me yet!

I love this software!!! I have several inventory programs that are included with internet hosting services that I use and they do not work! This is awesome! I am so "right-brained" that to keep track of anything but my head is a real issue--this frees me up to be as creative and customer-oriented as i like! This is help for the "organizationally challenged among us!" - Judy Paleologos - priscillascloset.com


Love, love, love this program!! I have clients that I haven't billed in 6 months... some for the entire year of 2004, because I hate the tediousness of adding up my time (if I remember to log it!). I think I'm actually having fun doing my billing now, saving LOTS of time, more certain of the accuracy, and I'm sure I'll enjoy my work more now that I'll actually get PAID for it. -- Sue Hisaw


It is the most user friendly software I have ever used. The support was excellent during the free download period and the response time to queries was very quick.

It is the perfect program for every stage of your business especially for small Ma and Pa Craft Market sellers. As everything is on the screen that you need no paper and pen notes needed.

I especially liked the fact that you allowed a 10 day fully functioning program to be used it made it so much easier to see if this was what I was looking for.


After spending countless hours researching products available for tracking inventory for my small business, I was thrilled with the product SpiritWorks had available. Not only did the capabilities and pricing appeal to me, the support and helpful information I received was superior. I would recommend this product to anyone. - Jim Lina, Angler's Choice Tackle, L.L.C.


After downloading and trying a number of project timers/invoicing software, Small Business Tracker's "Activity & Expense" is without doubt the best one out there. And I did spend time trying them all! I specifically like the fact, I can choose (and pay for) just the components I need - and they all work as advertised. As a web consultant, it allows me to accurately bill clients and not lose income. My clients are impressed to see an exact accounting of time. I also like the clean straight forward intuitive interface so I didn't have to read any manuals... launch and go! Clearly this software was designed by someone who needed the product himself. Further the quick and responsive support for the few questions I had during my trial period convinced me to buy. - Rohit Prakash Austin, Texas


Your product (Vacation Rental Property Tracker) has been the easiest and most informative property management software I have tested (I have tried about 10 so far). Your support and assistance has been exceptional, especially when you consider the time difference, distance and time of year. You are to be congratulated. - Colin Patterson, Australia

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Just purchased your Rental Tracker Plus program and I am very impressed. Software should be easy to use, and still produce a quality product. Yours does all of that and more. I saw the product several months ago and started shopping around for something comparable and I must tell you, nothing comes close. Thanks for making my job a little easier. - Ken Murawski, Philadelphia


Thanks for a great product. Small Business Tracker Deluxe fills what was a great void in the availability of "all-in-one" software solutions for the busy sole proprietor needing to wear all the business office "hats" of accountant, clerk, administrator and business professional. Bravo, SpiritWorks! -Bruce Wermuth


Thanks for some great software at a reasonable price. It's HARD to find software tailored to the small vacation rental business. We manage 11 homes, and can't afford the expensive and overbloated (for us) software that's out there. This works great. -- Ron Wood, Hawaiian Paradise Vacation Rentals www.hpvacationrentals.com


I can't stress enough to you how much your program has saved us in bookkeeping time, inventory, and sales tabulation. It has increased our productivity by 20%. Thanks, Tony and Kathy Antetomaso


Thanks for your emails and the tips. We are a computer consulting firm, and I downloaded your software to trial run it before presenting it to our client. I believe that they will be purchasing the software soon (if they haven't already).

I found your software to be extremely user friendly and comprehensive to meet the needs of any property mgmt co. I will certainly recommend it to future client's in that industry! Great job. - Elizabeth Schneider, Consultant


I use Activity & Expense Tracker every day. I chose it because it was the most inexpensive option available for my Mac, but it does everything I need it to do effortlessly, with a minimum of attention.

The new client field in version 5 is especially helpful. Also, the automatic stopping of one activity when I switch to another is extremely useful since I switch back and forth all the time, and it's a relief not to have to keep track of that!

Thank you for your frequent upgrades and improvements in this very affordable and useful product. -- Anna Dembska, Flying Leap Music


Thank you for creating the program "Small Business Tracker Deluxe". My wife has just started a small interior redesign business, and I was on the Internet looking for a good, solid yet simple-to-use program for her. It needed to cover as many bases as possible, from scheduling with clients to billing to inventory and auto expense tracking. Your program covers that and much more! I am amazed that you were able to put so much into such a "small", yet powerful little program! Keep up the good work, and THANK YOU for the very good price! - Randy and Dagmar, Portland, Oregon


Excellent software, support, and help information. As an 8 year user of Timeslips, I've been looking for a Mac OS X time and billing application. I've checked out all that I could find and was very impressed with Activity & Expense Tracker and it's big brother, Small Business Tracker which includes invoice, contact, task, and schedule tracking. It could almost replace Palm Desktop or similar. I wanted to import Timeslips data and the software author was very responsive and developed an importer for Timeslips data in one day!

Very impressive! Not only does it work great but it is surprising, refreshing, and appreciated that you took the time and quickly provided this assistance. I ended up getting Small Business Tracker for it's extra capabilities than Activity & Expense Tracker. Your program is more intuitive and as useful as Timeslips for my purposes. I like it a lot. - Terry Ackerman, TMA Fine Home Design, Durango, Colorado


Thanks for one of the most indispensable tools I've got running on my Mac. I use Activity & Expense Tracker so seamlessly now in my day-to-day business, and you're product is keeping me honest in my billing. I now use an "efficiency discount" on my invoices to reflect when my clients stay organized while working with me on publishing projects. I never could have implemented this "carrot" approach without your lovely program. And what's better is that I haven't had to charge for extras -- my clients like knowing they're saving money! The biggest bonus, is they now feel more comfortable sending more work my way -- my billable hours are way up since using Activity & Expense Tracker . Thanks again! -- Jeanne Scharfenberg


Rental Tracker Plus looks to be a very complete package. I find it to be an excellent program for the Mac user that owns and manages income property. There are generous preference settings available to allow the user to customize their version to suit their needs and taste. Being cross platform is rare and could be most beneficial when exchanging information with someone like my accountant who uses Windows. I also found the program to be comprehensive in that it includes all the different activities I normally use managing and owning rental income property. With an easy to follow Mac like interface and having all the features I can think of needing and using this one gets 5 stars. Thank you! -- Lyle Anderson


The more I use your program, the more I realize how much I did not capture in billing and expenses when I did it manually. I am certainly extremely happy with your program and at a bargain price beside.

Alan Kaplan, PE , Consulting Engineer


Activity & Expense Tracker is useful as well as fun to use. I like its flexibility and how easy it is to add activities and projects.

I have been using Activity & Expense Tracker for about 2 weeks and I have found that it not only helps with keeping track of charges for invoices but it also helps in my time management. I now have a better idea of when and where I am spending time on non-revenue producing activities.

The reports function on Activity & Expense tracker is a great way to see how I am allocating my time. It helps in planning my daily activities.Activity & Expense is very easy to use. It is very intuitive. -- Herbert Silverman

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Another satisfied user writes:

I was up and running within 2 minutes flat. This is a very easy to use program. I intend to have each of my employees and my independent contractors use this program for payroll.

The timer allows them to keep track of their time per day by pausing when they "clock out" for a personal break or whatever.

Since all of my employees and contractors are home-based, this program is ideal for them. It allows them each to keep track of their time on a daily basis more accurately and record only the times that they actually worked.

Another nifty feature of this program is that you can close the program and the time is still counting. That way, if you prefer to close the main window, your timer is still running and recording time spent. Nice!

The preferences is a thoughtful addition. I personally like setting up preferences so that the look and feel of a program is customized to my wants and likes. How great! This program is functional AND stylish! Again, thanks for this terrific program. -- Cristina Buchanan


As a former administrator of a 500+ seat enterprise project tracking system I've found most of the single seat user shareware systems to be sorely lacking in coherency or practicality. This is a first rate, user friendly system. -- John Hedley


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