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Here are details about about our rental space management software. Create reservations, rent receipts and many reports.

Space Rental Tracker Plus contains all of the following rental management software:

Tenant Tracker

This tenant tracking software keeps track of all your long term tenants and their phone numbers, payment history, etc. The Rent Roll report shows who is late with their rent and how much they owe. Easily create leases, reports and notices.

Rental Income Tracker

This rent payment tracking software keeps track of all your rental income for long term Tenants. Easily generate rental receipts and reports for accounting or tax returns.

Reservation Tracker

Keep track of all your reservations. Pick short term Tenants from Contact Tracker, pick Units from Unit Chooser. Record all Charges and Payments. Create Confirmation letters, Statements and Receipts with your logo. Import reservation information from a web page form. Generates many different reports.

Availability Checker

Quickly discover the status and availability of your units with this table view of your reservations. Export Reservation Availability to a web page.

Space Unit Tracker

Keep track of all your rental spaces or units (Flea Market, Marina, Campground, etc.). Records a complete history of all reservations for the unit. Assign Rates and amenities. Easily create reports.

Unit Chooser

Easily find the perfect unit for your short term tenants with this table view of the Unit records.

Rental Expense Tracker

Keep track of all your rental expenses including advertising, cleaning & maintenance, insurance, management fees, mileage, repairs, utilities, etc. You can also print checks and view balances with the Account Register. Easily create reports for tax returns and Property Management Invoices.

Other Income Tracker

This component will help you keep track of deposits and payments to your Accounts, and all your miscellaneous income such as coin operated vending machines, laundry, etc.

Asset Tracker

Keep track of all the appliances, furniture, etc. in all your units. Record purchase data and price, serial number, model number and any other information about the asset.

Work Order Tracker

Use this component to create and keep track of all your repair and maintenance work orders. Includes vendor, date, time, notes, costs, and much more.

Facility Map

The Facility Map can be used for quickly accessing information about the Unit, a Reservation or a Tenant, and recording payments.

Contact Tracker

This electronic address book keeps track of both business and personal contacts including their name, address, phone(s), and associates as well as any notes about previous interactions. Send form letters to any number of contacts with the Mailing List feature. You can print or export your contact list to other programs including Palm Desktop. You can also easily print envelopes or all contact information including notes. The Mailing List feature allows you to send form letters to any or all of your contacts. Also includes the World Time Map which displays the time on a world map, and an area code locator which will tell you what cities are in a specified area code and what area codes are in a specific city or state.

Schedule Tracker

Keep track of all your appointments, birthdays, etc. with this versatile electronic date book. You can set an event to repeat every day, every other day, every week day, every week, every other week, every month on the same date, every month on the same day of the month, or every year for as long as you specify. You can print daily, weekly and monthly schedules too. Import or export your appointments to other programs including Palm Desktop.

Task Tracker

This To Do list generator helps you remember and prioritize all the things you think of as you are working. You can easily sort your task list by priority, date entered, deadline or task name. Then you can print or export your list to another program such as Palm Desktop.

Universal Calculator

Here is a simple number calculator that will also: compute a date that is x number of days before or after a date you specify; let you know the day of the year of any date; tell you what time it is anywhere in the world; convert just about any US or British length, volume or weight to it's metric equivalent with the conversion calculator; figure the amount of foreign currency that a number of dollars is worth (or the other way around) given the current exchange rate with the currency calculator; and easily compute discounts and sales tax on any amount.

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