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If you're looking for the best very small business management software for inventory tracking & invoice creation, you've come to the right place. No monthly charges, great support, free trial for Mac and Windows.

How you will benefit from using our inventory management software

Inventory Tracker

Keep track of descriptions, stock numbers, quantities, lot numbers, locations, categories, vendor names and part numbers, reorder points, dates and amounts sold, and costs of all your inventory items. Scan in stock numbers with a barcode reader, add photos and assign multiple price points. Choose from 4 different inventory Types including: assemblies, service charges and other charges.

Inventory Reports

Generate reports on sales or prices and inventory items with asset management software. Many options available.

Invoice Creator

Easily create quotes or invoices for customers, and create packing slips and labels. Use your barcode scanner to add items to invoices. Add your logo to a custom header. Keep track of all invoices and know who has paid and who has not with invoicing software. View a Customer Account table that shows all invoices and payments, with totals, that you can print.

Expense Tracker

Record all your expense payments and travel deductions. View deposits and debits for any number of expense reporting accounts. Also keeps track of vehicle expenses and servicing, and creates shopping lists.

Tax Form Report

Easily generate reports which total each Expense category with this tax preparation software.

Income Tracker

Tracks income sources and deposits for any number of accounts. Works with Expense Tracker to generate account registers for all your accounts.

Contact Tracker

Send promotional materials or other form letters to all of your clients, vendors, family, friends or any other contacts via contact manager software. Also includes the World Time Map which lets you see what time it is anywhere in the world.

Schedule Tracker

Keep track of all your appointments, birthdays, etc. with this versatile electronic date book. You can set an event to repeat every day, every other day, every weekday, every week, every other week, every month on the same date, every month on the same day of the month, or every year for as long as you specify. You can print daily, weekly and monthly schedules too.

Task Tracker

This To Do list generator helps you remember and prioritize all the things you think of as you are working. You can easily sort your task list by priority, date entered, deadline or task name.

Universal Calculator

Works with numbers, dates, times, measurements, currency conversions, discounts, payments and much more.

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