Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their answers:

Q. Will the software run on my iPhone, iPad or other tablets or smart phones?

A. No. The software will only run on a desktop or laptop computer. However you can access the software on your computer from your mobile device by using

Q. What computers will the software run on?

A. All SpiritWorks Software runs on:

Q. I downloaded the software a week ago, but haven't opened it yet. Can my trial period be extended?

A. Yes, the trial period doesn't begin until you open the program for the first time. Also, the trial period is automatically extended until you open the program 10 times.

Q. Can I get the software on CD and how much does that cost?

A. Yes, we can send you a CD of the latest version for $15 extra. We prefer that users just download from our web site because that makes updating to a new version of the software so much easier, but we do provide this service for people who need it.

Q. Does a User Manual come with the software?

A. Yes, there is a User Guide you can download from the same page as you download the program. A manual for Small Business Tracker Deluxe is not available yet. Most programs also come with a Guided Tour of all the components. Every component has extensive integrated Help. There is also a step-by-step "Tips on Getting Started..." file included with each program that will guide you through entering your data.

Q. What's the difference between the trial version and the "real" software?

A. The main difference is the registration number. The trial version is complete and fully functional until it expires. One exception is importing data other than sample data. Also a few preferences work only in the registered software. You can create records and reports, and print and export your data. After that, you need to purchase a registration number to continue using the software. After expiration you can't create new records or reports.

Q. What happens to my records when the software expires?

A. All your data will remain intact, even after the software expires, so you don't need to worry about losing any data while your registration number is being processed.

Q. How do I backup my data?

A. Your data should be backed up either daily or weekly. With a click of the Export button, found in each component of the software, the data from each database can be saved as individual export files, or a backup file that can be used to restore all the records, to a new copy of the software. These files can be opened in a text editor (i.e., Notepad) or a spreadsheet program (i.e., Excel) and verified or modified. All backup files should be transferred to another disk or media for safekeeping AFTER being initially saved to your local hard drive (i.e., Desktop or My Documents). Make sure each backup file is larger than the previous ones.

Q. Is downloading over the Internet safe? Will I get a virus or something?

A. Yes, downloading programs over the Internet is very safe and millions of people do it every day. The odds are very remote that you will be exposed to any virus, but you should be running a virus checking program anyway. Viruses are much more often spread by emails than any other method. You will get a security warning when downloading the software, but all of our software is certified "safe to install" and you can bypass the warnings. Mac users may need to look in their System Preferences - Security pane to do this.

Q. Can I use the software on more than one computer?

A. Yes, the software is registered on a per user basis. So if you have more than one machine, but are the only user, you only need one license. If there is more than one person using the software then you need licenses for each person. None of our software will run on a server. Each user must run the software on their individual computers and have a valid, individual registration number. Data can be transferred between computers via the Export and Import buttons. You can also access the software on your main computer from other computers or mobile devices by using

Q. Can I transfer data from a Mac to a PC?

A. Yes, exported records can be imported on any platform, so you can easily transfer data from a Mac to a Windows machine. Data also transfers just as easily from a PC to a Mac.

Q. Is your software a multi-user product?

A. No, but we may develop some in the future. Transfering data between two or three copies of the software is possible via the Backup and Restore OR Export and Import buttons.

Q. How much control do I have over the formatting of the text in my reports or invoices?

A. You can choose the font and size of the type, and you have some control over the width of columns. You can't do bolding or other formatting of individual words or sentences though, but you can easily export the text and then import it into another program that supports more advanced text formatting.

Q. Is the software available for Mac OSX?

A. Yes, there is an OSX version of each product.

Q. Can I export my data to Excel?

A. Yes, each component can be exported in a flat, tab-delimited format which can be opened by many programs including excel.

Q. Can I import my current Excel spreadsheet?

A. Yes, each component has a Import button which reads a standard tab-delimited text file which can be created from Excel. You can open any of the Sample Data files to see the column order and format for each column of data. You will still need to input other information on each record.

Q. How can the software help with my marketing?

A. You can easily create form letters to send to any contact by using Contact Tracker's Mailing List feature.


Here are some questions specifically about Reservation Tracker (included in Vacation Rental Tracker Plus, and Space Rental Tracker Plus).

Q. Does Reservation Tracker create Property Management Reports?

A. Yes, one of Expense Tracker's reports is the PM Invoice report, which creates an Invoice or Statement you can send to your Owners. It lists all income and expenses for any period of time.

Q. Can I e-mail confirmations?

A. Yes, if you enter an email address on the Reservation Tracker record, you will be asked if you want to e-mail or print the reservation confirmation. There are additional options if you choose Print.

Q. Can Reservation Tracker or SpiritWorks help me set up a website?

A. You can create Availability tables to add to your website and have a form mailer send you emails which can be imported by Reservation Tracker.

Q. Is there any limit to the number or kind of properties?

A. You can have any number of properties. You can assign any number of property types (which appear in the Unit Chooser) to help you identify the perfect property for your guest.


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