SpiritWorks Software Inc. creates easy-to-use software for rental property managers. Email Scheduler Tracker - Automatically Schedule Emails for Future Delivery.
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What's new in Email Scheduler Tracker

v1.1.3 has the following improvements:

Only the Date field must now be filled in before enabling the Schedule option.

• The Sent option has been replaced with a Last Sent field.

• Problem sending scheduled emails at incorrect times fixed.

• Other minor improvements.

v1.1.2 had the following improvements:

Date and Time fields must now be filled in before enabling the Schedule option.

• Improved documentation regarding Outgoing SMTP Server settings.

• Other minor improvements.

v1.1.1 had the following improvements:

Added a Send a Copy to From Address option.

• Fixed Current Time updating problem.

• Fixed a problem with Exporting the data.

• Other minor improvements.

v1.1 had the following improvements:

Password now gets hidden when closing the Settings window.

• New Quick Help button

• A couple of bug fixes.

v1.0 had the following features:

• Send emails in either plain text or HTML text,

• Send immediately or at any time and date in the future.

• Send automatic reminders to one or more people - all at once or separately

• Send the same email Yearly, Monthly, Weekly or Daily

• Easily manage many emails - with or without attachments

• Emails can be generated (but not sent) while off-line.