SpiritWorks Software Inc. creates easy-to-use software for rental property managers. Equipment Rental Tracker Plus manages all your products and generates invoices, packing slips, shipping labels and inventory reports.
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What's new in Equipment Rental Tracker Plus

Version 3.2.1 has some minor improvements:

* Changed the Add Quantity to Inventory Tracker dialog to ask just for amount to be added rather than the new total quantity. If the Purchase Date is not the current date, you will be asked if you want to update the Date.

* On Invoice Creator records that contain an amount in the % Tax field (from previous versions of the software) the new Set Tax Info button is hidden and that feature is disabled, so that the tax for that Invoice is calculated as it was before the update.

* New Invoice Creator records now always use the new Set Tax Info feature.

* Fixed a problem with Rental Quantity tax calculations.

* Improvements to Invoice Creator's Reports

* A new SN option has been added to the Set Tax Info window, so you can specify taxes to be added to the amounts in the Shipping and Notes fields.

* Restored the Inventory Tracker Assembly Type which is used to create groups or packages of other items with special pricing.

* Other minor improvements.

Version 3.2.0 had the following improvements:

* Added multiple taxes feature that allows you to specify up to 3 different taxes and which Inventory Items they apply to.

* A new Inventory Tracker Type has been added, called Rental Quantity, for items you want to rent in ad hoc quantities (ie, 123 chairs). The number remaining is then available for other rentals.

* You can specify the name and tax rate for any of three different tax types in the new Set Tax Info window accessible from Invoice Creator. You can also specify, for each tax type, which of the six different Inventory Types (Inventory Items, Flat Rate Labor, Hourly Labor, Other Charges, Rental Items, Rental Quantity) you want taxes added to the Invoice.

* The Rental Type has been renamed to Rental Item and a new Type called Rental Quantity has been added. This Type has some aspects of the old Rental Item and some aspects of the Inventory Item Type. You can adjust the Total Quantity to accommodate new purchases and losses. You can't rent more of the Item than you have on hand, as automatically determined by Invoice Creator, for any day during the rental period.

* In Preferences you will now find a Tablet option. The Tablet option causes all windows to be opened, one at a time, in the top left of the screen. This is best for users using logmein.com to access this software on their Tablets.

* Other minor improvements.

Version 3.1.1 had some minor improvements:

Version 3.1.0 had the following improvements:

* Clicking a line for an Inventory Item (not a Rental Item), Other Charge or Hourly item in Invoice Creator now shows both a Delete Line and an Edit button. So you can now easily change the quantity of most items in an Invoice. Backorders, if any for that item, must be deleted first and can't be created with the Edit button.

* In the Equipment Rental Availability Checker there is now a Condense Table option which puts all rentals for one Item on one line, rather than displaying one line for each invoice. In Condense Table mode the first date of each rental period has a red letter.

* Improvements to Inventory Tracker's and Invoice Creator's Reports.

* Improvements to Rental Status Report - fixed Extend Rental feature

* Improvements to Equipment Rental Availability Checker

* Improvements to making a Rental Item Unavailable - these records now follow the Expected or Estimated Return Date rules.

* Improvements to the Rental Item's Unavailable feature. Now periods of Unavailability are added to the Rental History field. If you have Rental items you have previously set the Return Date to Unavailable then you may need to reset that status for those Rental Items.

* Improved Duplicate option when creating a New record in Invoice Creator.

* Export files can now be saved in CSV format.

* Other minor improvements.

Version 3.0 had the following improvements:

* A Quote feature has been added. Now you can create an Invoice Creator record without actually removing items from inventory until you change Quote to Invoice. Near the middle of the right side of the Invoice Creator window are the Quote and Invoice options. If you choose Quote, an item added to the Product(s) field is not removed from inventory until the Invoice button is clicked. If you never create Quotes this feature can be hidden by clicking Prefs, then Invoice Creator Prefs, and then disabling the Show Quote Option.

* Added Hide Retail Prices option to Invoice Creator Preferences.

* Improved the Move Totals to Right in invoices feature.

* Added Availability Checker for Rental Items. This report shows when rental units are rented or available for any 7 week period.

* Added Rental Schedule Report - This report shows when Items are due to be rented, or returned, or only those to be returned within a narrow date range

* In the Inventory Tracker Prefs window the Rental Return Dates menu is used to let the software know if a Rental item must be marked Available before it can be rented again. The three choices in this menu are:

* If you choose Expected (or enable the ACI option), then you can create multiple invoices for a Rental item because the item is expected to be returned (and will automatically be made Available) on the Expected Return Date.

* If you choose the ACI Option an ACI (Auto Check In) option button will appear in Inventory Tracker for all Rental items.

* If you choose Estimated, an invoice for the Rental item can be Extended but no other invoices can be created until it is marked Available. When the item is returned, you need to remember to enable the Available option. When the Available option is enabled, the Estimated Return Date is empty.

* Other minor improvements.

Version had the following improvements:

* When adding an Inventory item to an Invoice it is now added to the Contact Tracker's Notes again.

* Other minor improvements.

Version had the following improvements:

* This version contains no new features but several significant improvements.

* Importing older data into this version should automatically fix most legacy problems (issues from previous versions).

* Other minor improvements.

Version had the following improvements:

* Rental items can now be converted to Inventory Items and sold. Inventory Items can also be converted to Rental items. If there is rental info and sales info on the same record a new button is displayed which toggles between the sales and rental data.

* Inventory Tracker Report now reports both rentals and sales for an item.

* New Show Grid option in Inventory Tracker Report.

* The Inventory Tracker Report has been reformatted for easier understanding.

* When adding a rental item to an invoice, if Inventory Tracker is open, the record for the rental item will be displayed.

* When adding rental items for Weekly or Monthly rates to an invoice in Invoice Creator, you are now asked for a number of weeks or months.

* A problem with adding Daily rentals to Invoices fixed.

* Improvements to Purchase Orders

* Other minor improvements.

Version had the following improvements:

* Data is now exported properly from Expense Tracker. If you have been using a copy of Expense Tracker that has the new ADE feature, please send an email to support @ productivity-software.com and request instructions regarding exporting your data.

* Improvements to Check Printing

* Improvements to Combine feature in Expense Tracker

* Help button in 1099Misc window fixed

* Improvements to Transfer to Account feature

* Improvements to Customer Account feature

* Improvements to Adding quantity to Inventory Items in Inventory Tracker

* Added Combine expense records feature, which will print one check for all Expense Tracker records with the same Date and Payee.

* Other minor improvements.

Version v2.9.8.5 included the following improvements:

* When a new invoice is created, the Balance Due (if it is not zero) will be added to the Notes field on the new invoice record. If you want to suppress this feature and disable the Customer Account feature for a particular customer, then enable the Suppress for this Customer option in the Customer Account window.

* Clicking the label above the Partial Payments field will cause the field to expand.

* The label above the Date field in Invoice Creator changes from Invoice Date to Payment Date when you enter an Amount Paid.

* Payments deleted from Partial Payments field in Invoice Creator are now also deleted from the Customer Account.

* Improvements to adding new Lot Numbers. You will now be asked for the Purchase Date and Cost. A new line is added to the Notes field for new purchases.

* The highlight of the Enable Assemblies option in Inventory Tracker Prefs is now restored properly on Import or Restore.

* Improvements to Extend Rental button on Status Report and the Duplicate option in New Invoice button

* Other minor improvements.

Version v2.9.8.4 included the following improvements:

The latest version of Equipment Rental Tracker Plus is v2.9.8.4 (.3 was an internal release)

* In Invoice Creator, the Invoice Date is now separate from the Payment Date. If no Payment Date is specified when you click Add Product to Invoice you will be asked for an Invoice Date.

* When you click Create Invoice, if there is no Amount Paid, you will be asked if you want to add a Payment. If no payment is added, the Invoice Date will be used.

* On Inventory Tracker Rental records when you click the Available option the Returned Date is added to the Notes field on the Customer's Contact Tracker record. Also, when you click a line in the Rental History field, a View Customer buttons now appears.

* If you change the label for a Misc field in Inventory Tracker Preferences, you will be asked if you want to remove all the previously entered data in that field.

* The Find field in the Go To Contact dialog is now always initially empty.

* Changing a name in Contact Tracker, now updates Invoice Creator and Inventory Tracker.

* The format for the dates in the Ext. Return Date column in the Rental Status report are now in the same format as the From Dates. Also, if a Rental Item has been marked as Unavailable, the Rental Status report now includes this.

* Sort By Date or Invoice # options have been added to Customer Account window. Also, there is now an option to print only 1 Page. You will need to specify the number of lines in the report (plus totals) that equals one page.

* Fixed problem computing the Invoice Total when a Discount was applied to a Labor Charge, Other Charge or Rental.

* Other minor improvements.

Version v2.9.8.2 included the following improvements:

* An Available option has been added to Rental records in Inventory Tracker. When a new record is created, the Available option is automatically enabled. When you add the Rental Item to an Invoice the Available option is turned off and the Estimated Return Date is displayed. If you manually turn the option off, you will be asked to enter a reason why the item is not available for rent. When the item is returned, you need to remember to enable the Available option. When the Available option is enabled, the Estimated Return Date is either empty or displays the unavailability reason.

* If a rental comes back early, you can now click the Return Date field in the Inventory Tracker record for that item to return the equipment back to Available status in the Rental Status report.

* A Grid Lines option has been added to the Rental Status report.

* Other minor improvements.

Version v2.9.8.1 included the following improvements:

* Edit buttons for Invoice Amount and Balance Due have been removed from Invoice Creator - these amounts are always calculated based on Products, Taxes, Shipping and Other Charges minus all Payments.

Changes to Rental Status Report
* Added Show Stock # - if not selected the Note (or Book/Record) will be displayed instead.
* The Sort Order in the Inventory Report Options screen is now overridden by the following options:
* Sort By options for "All Rental Items" or "Only Rented" reports are now Customer or Ret. Date
* If "Only Available" is selected the the Sort By options are Description or Stock #
* Rented items are always sorted to the top of the list if "All Rental Items" is selected.

* If Copy to Email option is selected the email address is now added to the beginning of the pasted email for easy copy and paste.

* In Expense Tracker there is a new Automatically Duplicate Expense (ADE) option. If you want the record automatically duplicated each month because it is a recurring expense then click the ADE button and then enable the Automatically Duplicate This Expense Each Month option. Then when you click the Add New Expense Now button, all records with this option enabled will be duplicated for the current month.

* Improvements to Inventory Tracker Reports.

* Other minor improvements.

The next version of Equipment Rental Tracker Plus was v2.9.8

There are several significant improvements in this new version, but no new features.

The first version of Equipment Rental Tracker Plus was v2.9.7.5

* Equipment Rental Tracker Plus has six Types of Inventory items. They are: Rental Item, Inventory Item, Assembly, Labor - Hourly, Labor - Flat Rate, and Other Charge. Inventory Tracker Plus includes all Types but Rental Item.

* Added Add Tax for: default settings for each inventory item Type to Inventory Tracker Prefs

* Added Apply Discounts to: default settings for each inventory item Type to Invoice Creator Prefs

* Added Enable Assemblies option to Invoice Creator Prefs AND added Ask for Type when displaying Product List? option to Invoice Creator Prefs. The choices are Always Ask or I only have Inventory (or Rental) items. When you click New in Inventory Tracker, these settings determine what Types of Inventory record you can create.

* When you click Add Product to Invoice in Invoice Creator, you will have the option of displaying different Types of inventory lists. The Ask for Type when displaying Product List? option in Invoice Creator Prefs can suppress this dialog.

* Equipment Rental Tracker Plus has a special Rentals Status report which lists only Rental Items and who they are rented to, the invoice #, and when they are due back. For any item in the list you can Go To the Inventory Record. For available items you can Create an Invoice. For rented items you can View Invoice or Extend Rental. You can display All Rental Items, Only Available, or Only Rented items. You can also Sort the report by Customer.

* If you Duplicate an Invoice Creator record, any Rentals will be extended, and all Inventory Items will be depleted from stock Remaining.

* Reversed the Sort Orders in Inventory Reports so the Second Sort Order comes after the first Sort Order so all Reports can be sorted by Type.

* Clicking the "E-mail" label in Contact Tracker will now either copy the e-mail address to the clipboard for pasting into your e-mail program or open a new e-mail for that contact in your desktop e-mail program.

* Added option to Add subtotals to Invoice in Invoice Creator Preferences.

* Added the ability (to Inventory Tracker Prefs) for the user to choose if they want Description 1 or Description 2 added to invoices.

* More improvements to Assemblies feature

* Improvements to Customer Account feature

* Added Rental Inventory Type, Rental History field, Rental Cost and Rates fields,
Out of Service and Return Date fields to Inventory Tracker

* Added Deposit Info to Invoice Creator.

* Added ability to add Rental Items to Invoice Creator.

* Added Rental Status Report to Inventory Tracker. Features include: Extend Rental

* Added the ability (to Inventory Tracker Prefs) for the user to choose the label for the fourth type of rental rate and if they want Description 1 or Description 2 added to invoices.

* Users can choose if Rentals are Purchased or Rented per month (Purchase Date becomes In Service Date).

* Added Cash and New Customer buttons to Choose Customer window in Invoice Creator

* Added subtotals when an Inventory Report is sorted by Descriptions 1 or 2.

* Added totals for Rentals

* Excluded Assembly Transfers from Sold totals

* Added Find field to Choose Customer window in Invoice Creator

* Added Size selector to Check Printer

* Added a Create Invoice button to Contact Tracker for ITP & ERTP

* Added Add Tax preferences in Inventory Prefs for each inventory type.

* In ITP & ERTP there is now a dialog that asks for the product Type before displaying Product List. Options for this are in the Invoice Creator Prefs window.

* Improvements to Customer Account feature

* Improvements to Invoices in Invoice Creator

* Improvements to Invoice Creator Report

* Improvements to all Inventory Reports

* Inventory Remaining is now an option for Sales Reports and Price Lists