Writer's Helper

Writer's Helper

The perfect resource tool for writers

Please note: these are no longer the default colors for Writer's Helper. You can choose any combination of background and button colors, but the default colors now look like this.

Writer's Helper is designed to help you write articles or letters without the distractions of spell checkers and formatting. You can generate several drafts and record your ideas before exporting to a word processor.

Each record in Writer's Helper consists of the Date (1), a Project (2), the Text (3), and Notes (4). You can also add the Time (6), and a Draft number (7).

You can add new records or edit the information for any record at any time.

The Date (1) and Time (2) fields are automatically filled in. You can easily change these at any time by clicking the Today, Edit, Choose, or Now buttons.

To add a new project, click the Add/Select Project button (2). Use the Go To button to find the first or last record of a particular project.

Type your text directly into the Text field (3).

You can keep any notes about your topic in the Notes field (4). You can make this field larger by clicking the Expand button (5) above the Notes field.

You can edit the Draft# by clicking the field (7) or the Edit button above it.

The number of words in the Text field is displayed in the Words field (8).

Change the font of the Text and Notes fields by clicking the Font button (9).

Utilize the helpful list of writing tips by clicking the Tips button (10).

You can Print the Text (11) or Save it as (12) a text file which you can import into any word processor.

For information on the unmarked navigation and common buttons, click here.