Work Order Tracker

Work Order Tracker

Keep track of all your work orders, and scheduled repairs with this component.

This component keeps track of all your maintenance and repairs.

The Issue Date (1) is automatically entered but you can change it if you need to.

Click Add/Select Issuer (2) to record the name of the person requesting the work.

Next enter a short Work Order Description (3). The Find WO button above this field produces a list of these descriptions so you can easily find the one you're looking for.

Click Add/Select Vendor to assign the Work Order to a Vendor (4).

Add a long description of the work to be performed in the Notes to Vendor field (5). Enable the Add to WO option above this field to include it in the Work Order.

Select a Priority (6) from the menu provided.

The Work Order # is automatically assigned, but you can change it by clicking the field.

Select the Job Type (7) from the menu provided. You can add or delete types from this list.

Select the Building or Unit (8) that needs the work by clicking Select Bldg or Select Unit.

After making an appointment with the Vendor, make a note of the agreed upon date in the Start Date field (9), the anticipated Start Time (10), and either the number of Hours (11) estimated or an End Time (12).

Click the Create Work Order button (13) to create a Work Order to send to the Vendor. This can be printed or emailed.

You can view a previously created Work Order (14).

When the work is completed, fill in the Completion Date (15), any Notes Regarding the Repairs (16) or maintenance, the Labor Total (17), Materials Total (18), any Taxes paid (19), the Total Amount (20) of the Invoice, and the Vendor Invoice # (25). Then click Add to Expense Tracker (21) when you are ready to pay the invoice.

Work Order Tracker records are added to the Schedule Tracker records and displayed on the Month (22), Week (23) and Daily (24) calendars.

Enabling the Permission to Enter if Not Home (25) option adds this message to the Work Order. Otherwise DO NOT Enter if Not Home is added.

Click the Work Order Report button (26) to create a report of all your orders.

For information on the unmarked navigation and common buttons, click here.