Schedule Checker

Schedule Checker

Stay on top of all your arrival, departure and payment due dates.

The Schedule Checker provides you with a table that shows when each of your Guests will be arriving or departing and when security deposits (or balances) are due.

You can choose a date range from the Dates menu (1) or enter dates directly into the From (2a) and To (2b) fields.

You can choose to show All Units or Select a particular Unit (3).

When the Arrivals option (4) is selected, you can choose one of the following (7) options to show in column two: Reminders, the Departure Date, Persons, the Balance Due or the Arrival Time. The label for column two (7b) will change accordingly.

When Departures (5) is selected, the first column in the table (5b) will be Departure dates. You can choose any of the other options (7) for the second column (7b).

The third option (6) changes depending on the Prepay Charges option in Reservation Tracker. When this option is enabled, All Balances Due (6) appears as the choice, Balance Due Date is the first column (5b) and Bal. Due is the second column (7b). If Prepay Charges is not enabled, the third option will become Security Deposits Due, the first column will report Deposit Due dates and the second column will be Bal. Due.

You can sort the table by clicking any of the column headers (5b) and change the column widths by dragging between the header buttons (7b).

After selecting a line in the table, you can either click View / Edit Reservation (8) or Edit / View Unit Record (9).

If the number of records is greater than the number of lines in the table, a scroll bar appears to the right of the table.

You can Print (10) the table or Save the complete table as a text or html file.