Version Tracker

Version Tracker

The database that tracks changes between versions of all your work

Please note: these are no longer the default colors for Version Tracker. You can choose any combination of background and button colors, but the default colors now look like this.

Each record in Version Tracker consists of the Date (1), Time (optional), Project (2), Version number (3), Change Notes (4) and a Short Description (6) of the changes made. You can add new records or edit the information for any record at any time.

The Date field (1) is automatically filled in. To change the date, click the Choose, Edit, or Today button.

To add a new project, click the Add/Select Project button (2). Click the Go To button to skip to the first or last record of a particular project.

You can add or edit the Version# by clicking the field or the Edit button above it (3).

Type any notes about version changes directly into the Change Notes field (4).

Clicking the Transfer -> button (5) will transfer the first line of the Change Notes field (4) into the Short Description field (6).

You can enter a short description of your changes in the Short Description field (6).

You can generate a list of the changes you have made for a particular project or all projects by clicking the Version Report button (7).

For information on the unmarked navigation and common buttons, click here.