Vehicle Expense Tracker

Vehicle Expense Tracker

The perfect solution for the on-the-road professional

Please note: these are no longer the default colors for Vehicle Expense Tracker. You can choose any combination of background and button colors, but the default colors now look like this.

Each record in the Vehicle Expense Tracker consists of the Date (1), Time, Vehicle identifier (2), current Odometer reading (3), the Expense (4) and any Notes (7).

Add or select a vehicle identifier by clicking the Add/Select button above the Vehicle field (2).

Each vehicle also has a Service Record where you can record the last location, date and mileage (odometer reading) for a variety of services. Click the View Service Record button (9) to access the Service Record window.

To add an expense, click on the Add/Select Expense button above the Expense field (4). Any important notes regarding expenses can be entered in the Expense Notes field (7).

An expense type may or may not have a fixed amount. If there is not a fixed amount you can enter the Expense Amount directly (5). Click the Total Expenses button (8) to add any numbers in the Notes field (7) to the Expense Amount field (5).

When you choose the Expense type "Fuel Stop", these fields (6) appear so you can keep track of your vehicles fuel consumption.

Use the Fuel Calculator to get a quick report of your vehicles fuel efficiency.

Click the Expense Report button (11) to view or print a list of all your vehicle expenses.

For information on the unmarked navigation and common buttons, click here.