Availability Checker

Availability Checker


Easily find out availability for one or more units

The Availability Checker gives you a graphical view of the Availability of all your Units in a time line fashion.

Units are displayed in the first column (1a). You can limit the report to a single unit by clicking the Select Unit button or field (1b).

The letters in the table indicate when the Status of the Unit is Reserved (r), Tentative (t), Checked In (c), Checked Out (o), Not Available (x), etc.

In Condense Table mode (12) the first letter of each reservation (2b) is highlighted in a color that you can specify with the menu provided (2a). If the Condense Table option (12) is not selected, each reservation is displayed on a separate line, sorted by Unit name.

The starting date for each week is displayed in the column headers (3). You can change these dates by clicking the Previous Month (5) or Next Month (7) buttons, or by choosing a month from the Jump To menu (6).

You can quickly return to the current month by clicking the This Month button (4).

If there are more records available then can be displayed at one time, the First, Page Up (8) and Page Down and Last (9) arrows are shown. The range of records displayed and the number of records available are shown in this field (13). If the Condense Table option (12) is selected, each line can display many reservations (records) for each Unit.

After selecting a line in the table, you can either click View / Edit Reservation (10) or Edit / View Unit Record (11).

You can open the Schedule Checker window from here (14).