Unit Chooser

Unit Chooser

Helps you pick the perfect Unit for your Guest

The Unit Chooser allows you to see all your Units in a convenient table format, to help you pick the perfect Unit for your Guest.

With a Unit in the table selected, click Choose Unit (12) to either Change or Add (these options are at the top of the window - 14) the Unit to the Charges field in Reservation Tracker. The default action is Change if there is already a Unit listed in the Charges field, and Add if there is not.

The From (2a) and To (2b) dates are automatically entered as the Arrival and Departure dates from the Reservation Tracker record. You can easily change these dates by using the Dates menu (1) or by typing new dates directly into the From or To fields.

Choose any of the Options presented at the top of the window to add (or delete) a column with that information. The first four options (3) are the names of the changeable menus in Vacation Unit Tracker. The other six options (4) also come from Vacation Unit Tracker.

Control the width of the window by using the Narrow, Medium or Wide buttons (10). In Narrow mode, the first four options (3) are disabled. In Medium and Wide modes, all options are available. Also, the Availability (7) and Other columns automatically get wider in these modes.

After making any changes to the dates or Options, click the Refresh button (5).

The Unit (6) and Availability (7) columns are always visible. The number of the other columns (8) depends on the number of Options checked (3 and 4).

You can sort by any of these columns by clicking the column header. You can also adjust the widths of the columns by dragging between the column headers.

The Show Only Available Units button (9) is self- explanatory but noteworthy.

The range of records displayed and the number of records available are shown in this field (11). If the number of records is greater than the number of lines in the table, a scroll bar appears to the right of the table.

After clicking a Unit in the table, you can click Edit / View Unit Record (13) if you need to make a change on the Unit record.

You can Print the Unit Chooser by clicking the Print button (15).