Rental Income Tracker

Other Income Tracker

Keep track of deposits, payments to accounts, and other income sources with this component

In Other Income Tracker, the Date (1) is entered when the record is created. You can change the date by clicking the Today or Choose button above this field.

Choose the income Source type (2) from a list provided or create your own. Then enter the Income Amount (3). You can also record the payment type by clicking the How button (4) above the Amount field.

Enter any tax collected in connection with the Income Amount in the Tax Type and Tax Collected fields (5).

Create your own lists of Accounts (6). Your list might include business checking or credit lines.

Assign the income to a particular Building or Unit (7) by clicking the Select Bldg or Select Unit buttons.

Keep notes of any length about the income in the Notes field (8). If you want this Other Income Tracker record included in Property Management Invoices, enable the Add to PM Invoice option (9).

There is a Full Screen option (12) near the top of the window, which toggles the window between full screen and an independent window.

You can import payments from Rental Income Tracker by clicking the Auto Import Income button (13). The Due Date (11) and Tenant fields (10) are filled in for you.

Click the New Income Record button (14) to create a new record. To remove one or more records from the database, click the Delete Income Record button (15). You will then be asked if you want to delete All records or Just this one (only the current record).

The Sort Income Records button (16) sorts the records by Name, Unit or Date fields in the database.

The Find Income Record button (17) is used to search for text on any record in that particular component (or database).

You will find much more information about Tenant Tracker, including a Tutorial, by clicking Income Tracker Help (18).

report buttons

Creating Income Reports (1) is as easy as clicking this button.

View a balance sheet for the current Account by clicking the Account Register button (2).

The Expense Report button (3) is also at the bottom of the screen.