Activity & Expense Tracker

Navigation and Common Buttons

These buttons are common to all the components of SpiritWorks Software.

The arrow buttons (1) are used to move between the records in the database.

The number of the current record is displayed in the Record # field (1).

To add or remove records from the database, click the New (2) or Delete button (3).
To create a new record always start by clicking New.

Use the Find button (4) to search for text in a particular record.

The Sort button (5) sorts the records by various fields.

You can Export the data from any database for archiving or updating purposes by clicking the Export button 7).

Then when you want to import the records, to a new version of the software for instance, click the Import button (6).

The Prefs button (8) opens a new window where you can select options for background and button colors, date, time and currency formats and more.

The Help button (9) opens a new window with context sensitive information about how to use that particular component.

Quit the program at any time by clicking Quit (10).

You can Save the current record by clicking the Save button (11). Data is normally saved automatically when going to another record.

Each component has a Report button (12) that opens a new window with report options and output.

Other navigation buttons found in many components go to related components or open ultility windows.

In the lower left corner of each component's window is a Menu button (13). Use this menu to access the other components in your product.