Invoice Creator's Main Window

Invoice Creator

The Invoice Creator component makes creating invoices quick and easy.

With this program, you can create customized invoices from products in Inventory Tracker and customers in Contact Tracker

The Date (1) is automatically entered when you create a new record. An Invoice # (2) is also generated.

Choose a Customer (4) from a list of people in Contact Tracker by clicking the Select button above this field. Click the View button above this field to go to the Contact Tracker record for that customer. Click the Go To button above this field to go to the first or last Invoice for a Customer.

Next, choose one or more Product(s) from Inventory Tracker by clicking the Add Product to Invoice button (7a). You will first be asked if you want to add an Inventory Item (including Assemblies) or an Other Item type.

If you choose Inventory Item you will next be asked if you want to Enter or Scan a Stock Number or pick an item from a list. You can go directly to this option by clicking the Add Product to Invoice button with the ctrl or command key held down or by pressing F2.

You will be asked for the number sold and the selling price. The Product(s) field (7b) displays all the products ordered by the Customer for this Invoice #.

If you click a line in the Product(s) field and then click the Open Inventory Tracker button (7d) you will be taken to the Inventory Tracker record for that item.

The Quantity ordered is automatically deducted from the Inventory Record and added to the Date, Qty & Price Sold field (7b).

You can use the Find BO button (7c) to determine if there are back ordered items to be shipped. The Fill BO (7c) will create a new invoice for any back ordered items now in stock.

The total is shown in the Invoice Amount field (3). Enter the Amount Paid (5) and the Balance Due (6) will be calculated.

If the amount paid is less than the total due, the payment will be automatically added to the Partial Payments field (11).

When subsequent payments are made, you must return to the record for the invoice, enter a new Payment Date (1) and the new Amount Paid (5). The Partial Payment (11) will be added and a new Balance Due (6) calculated.

Choose a Sales Representative (8) from a list you create.

You can add Sales Tax by clicking the Edit% button (9a). The total tax is displayed in the Sales Tax field (9b).

Add any Shipping & Handling charges directly to this field (10).

You can discount the amount for products sold by entering a percentage into the % Discount field (16).

Clicking the Create Invoice button (12) totals all amounts and creates a printable invoice that is easy to export.

View a previously generated Invoice by clicking the View Invoice button (13).

You can also Create a Packing Slip (14) or both an Invoice and Packing Slip by using these buttons.

Easily create an Envelope or Shipping Label with these buttons (15).

View a Customer Account table of all invoices and payments made by clicking the Cust Account button (29). This table includes Dates, Invoice #s, Sub Totals for Sales, Services, Other charges, Taxes, and Total Due, as well as Payments, Balances Due and Totals for each column.

Create reports on all the invoices in the database with one click of the Invoice Report button (30).

Clicking the Notes tab reveals the Notes field (17) and three other options.

You can add amounts in the Notes field to your invoice total by clicking the Add Amounts in Notes to Balance? button (18). The Notes will be added as an Other Charge. If these amounts are taxable, just click the Add tax too? button (19) above the Notes field.

Enable the Add Notes to Invoice? option (20) to add the Notes to the Invoice without adding any numbers in the Notes field to the Invoice Amount.

Clicking Other Info (22) reveals a Carrier menu (23), and a Tracking # field (24), You can create a list of Carriers to choose from (23) and add a Tracking Number (24) to the Invoice.

Choose your payment Terms from the menu (25), add a Purchase Order # (26), and a Due Date (27) to your invoice.

When the invoice is paid, click the Today or Choose button above the Paid field (28).

Create reports on all the invoices in the database with one click of the Invoice Report button (30).

For information on the unmarked navigation and common buttons, click here.