Houskeeping table

Create schedules and keep track of your housekeepers contact information.

The Housekeeping module can be used to track which units need cleaning and who is responsible.

You can choose a Date range (i.e. This Month) from the Dates menu (1) or specify an exact From (2) and To (3) date range. Click the Refresh Table button (4) to regenerate the report after making changes to the dates or options.

You may limit the list to any combination of (5) Arrivals, Departures, and those still In Room, plus you can choose to Include Tentative Reservations.

You can specify a Unit or Housekeeper (6) for the report. Click the Select HK button (7) to add housekeepers and assign them to specific units.

To sort the columns, just click the column header. For example to sort by date rather than unit, click the Date button (8). You can adjust the widths of the columns by dragging between them (9).

After generating a report, you can click a line and then click either Change Housekeeper (10) or Assign Time (11) to specify who will clean the unit for that day and when.

You can also click Add Date to Schedule (12) to assign a housekeeping event to a date other than an Arrival or Departure date.

Choose a Specific Unit or Housekeeper by clicking this tab (13) and then clicking Select Unit or Select HK.

If you have a large monitor, click Add or Remove Columns (14) and then choose Medium or Wide. (See illustration below.)

The last two columns can be changed to any two of the four changeable menus in the top right corner of the Vacation Unit Tracker window. In Medium or Wide mode you can choose all four. Just click the Add or Remove Columns button (14) and make your selections.

You can Print the visible part of the table by clicking Print (15) and change the background and button colors by clicking the Prefs button.

You can also Save (16) the table as an html file, so that you can easily post the schedule on a website or print it from your browser.