Rental Expense Tracker

Grocery List

Use the Grocery List generator to create a list you can print and take with you to the store.

Clicking the Grocery List button above the Notes field in Expense Tracker opens the Grocery List window. At the bottom of this window there are buttons that allow you to Add Items to the list, Remove All the items in the list, Print the list, Sort the list and Close the window.

Click the Add Items button to choose Grocery Items from a long list. You can Save a Default List for future use, make changes to the list, print it and then Restore the Default List.

In the Grocery Items window you can Sort Items by Name or Category, Create new items, Modify existing items, Delete items and Edit the list of Categories to choose from. You can also Import or Export these lists.

The Grocery List can be also sorted by Item Name or Category.

If you click a line in the Grocery List you will be asked if you want to change the Name (you may want to add the size or brand to the name) or Quantity, or Remove the item from the list.