Rental Expense Tracker

Rental Expense Tracker

Keeps track of all your tax deductible expenses

In Rental Expense Tracker, the Date (1) is automatically entered when the record is created. You can locate a record for a particular date by clicking the Find button above this field.

Choose the Expense Type (2) from a list provided or create your own.

Create your own lists of Payees (3) and Accounts (4). Your list of accounts might include business checking or credit lines.

Record the check number (if applicable) in the Check# field (5). Click the Print button above this field to Print your check. Click the box next to the Check# field to indicate that the check has cleared.

Assign the expense to a particular Building or Unit (6) by clicking Select Bldg or Select Unit.

Keep notes of any length about the expense in the Notes field (7). Great for itemizing lengthy work orders!

All numbers in the notes field (7) can easily be added to the Expense Amount (9) by clicking the Add to Expense Amount button (8).

Use the Tax Deductible option menu (11) to indicate whether the expense should be Tax Deductible, Not Deductible or if it should be added to the Depreciate list in Tax Form Reports.

Keep track of tax deductible mileage with the handy calculator which is revealed by clicking the Travel Deduction button (12).

View a balance sheet for the current Account by clicking the Account Register button (13). On this screen you will find an Add/Select Account button, Start Date and an End Date fields, and an Add Deposits & Payments button.

Creating Expense Reports (14) or printable information for tax forms is quick and easy from the Report Options window.

One of these reports is called the PM Invoice (which is short for Property Management Invoice).

You can choose to include the Expense Tracker record in this Invoice by clicking the Add to PM Invoice button (15).

For information on the unmarked navigation and common buttons, click here.