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Date Calculator

This handy tool allows you to easily add or subtract any number of days from any date.

Enter a start date (1) by clicking the Today, Edit or Choose button. Then enter the number of days or choose a number from the drop down menu (2). By clicking the add or subtract button (3), your answer will appear in the result field (4).

To find out the day and week of the year for a particular date, simply enter a date by clicking the Today, Edit or Choose button (5). The other fields will be filled in automatically (6 & 7).

The Quit button (8) saves the data and quits the program.

To access the integrated help system, click on the Help button (9).

To access the Preferences window, click the Prefs button (10). You can change the highlight, button and background colors, time format, plus numerous other settings.

You can print out this window by clicking the Print button (11).

The Save button (11) saves your data. All records are saved automatically when going to another record or when you quit the program.

To access components of Small Business Tracker, click the Small Business Tracker Menu button (12). Or, click the Close Window button.

To explore the Number, Times, Measurement and Currency Calculators click the buttons at the top of the screenshot.