Rental Income Tracker

Asset Tracker

Keep track of any appliances, furniture, etc. that is part of the rental unit with this component.

Use Asset Tracker to keep track of all your appliances, furnishings, etc.

Enter a short description in the Asset Description (1) field. You can use the Find Asset button above this field to go to another asset.

Describe the asset's Make, Model, etc. (2) in the field provided.

Enter the Serial Number (3) and assign a Unit (4) by clicking Select Unit or Select Bldg.

Keep extensive Notes about the Condition and Repairs (5) of the Asset.

Record the date Purchased (6), the Purchase Price (7), the Date Sold (8) and the Sale Price (9) in these fields.

Create an Asset Report (10) by clicking the button at the lower right corner.

For information on the unmarked navigation and common buttons, click here.