SpiritWorks Software Inc. creates easy-to-use software for creative, legal and technical professionals and rental property managers.  Space Rental Tracker Plus is tenant and reservation software that helps rental managers keep track of their units, guests, schedules, expenses and income.
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What's New in Space Rental Tracker Plus

Version has the following improvements:

* Fixed Import problem in Expense Tracker regarding Tax Deductible setting.

* Fixed Sort order problems in Rental Income Tracker Report options.

* Improvements to the Facility Map.

* Improvements to Reservation Tracker's Tax Report and Deposits Report.

* Added Sort by Reservation Date to Reservation Tracker.

* Fixed problem with printing Confirmations, etc. in Reservation Tracker.

* Other minor improvements.

Version 1.0.9 had the following improvements:

* Fixed a problem adding Other Charges for multiple days/nights in reservation tracker

* Improvements to the Property Management Invoice

* Improvements to the Rent Roll

* Improvements to Facility Map

* Rental Income Tracker reports only collect Deposit info when getting data from Tenant Tracker and if a date range is selected only those that have a Dep Paid date in the Deposit Details section will be included in the report.

* Other minor improvements.

Version had the following improvements:

* Expense Reports now show "Depreciate" and "Not Deductible" properly if the "Tax Deductible Only" option is deselected.

* Rental Income Report for specific dates fixed (for data from RIT records with more than one payment.)

Rent Roll Improvements:

* Generating a Rent Roll from Tenant Tracker for No Payments Yet has been fixed.

* Rent Rolls for All Balances Due that include tenants who have made payments in the current month but have balances due are marked Payment Made.

* If there is a Default Moved In Date specified and a Tenant has Payments that start before that date, then the first payment Due Date will be now be used for the Starting Date.

* Other minor improvements.

Version had the following improvements:

* In the Vacation Unit Tracker History field if the Reservation does not exist for some reason, you now have the option to Restore it (to some extent).

* Improvements to Add Other Charge feature in Reservation Tracker.

* Improvement to Property Management Invoice totals in Expense Reports.

* Improvements to Tenant Tracker when Posting Rents for New Tenants.

* Other minor improvements.

Version had the following improvements:

* Improvements in Tenant Tracker and Rental Income Tracker for new Tenants with large Balances Due or Balances on Account.

* Improvements to Payment History Report and Balance Due field in Tenant Tracker

* When the Lease Exp Date is updated in Tenant Tracker, the new date is now displayed properly in Unit Tracker.

* Minor improvement to Expense Tracker's Property Management Invoice totals

* Improvements to Rental Income Tracker Report subtotals

* Add Payment in Reservation Tracker now adds Security Deposit payments to Other Income Tracker automatically if that Preference is set

* When a Payment is added to a Reservation the Status is changed to Reserved after a confirmation

* The Add Repair Notes to the Work Order feature is now working again in Work Order Tracker

* Improvement to the Other Income Tracker Report

* Improvements to Account Register

* Other minor improvements.

Version had the following improvements:

* Improved Rent Roll
* Improved Expense Report
* Improved Tax Form Report
* Improved Property Management - PM Invoice

* Other minor improvements.

Version had the following improvements:

* Fixed the Option button in Reservation Tracker's Confirmation and Receipt printing window.

* Fixed a problem with Rental Income Tracker Report totals

* In Rental Income Tracker if there is a credit equal to the rent (ie, a Subsidy), and no Payments have been made yet, you can now create a Receipt or Statement.

* Fixed a problem with a Subsidy not being added properly to the Tenant Tracker Payments field.

* Updated Exchange Rates in the Universal Calculator's Currency Money Exchange section.

* Other minor improvements.

Version had all of the following improvements:

* Fixed a problem with Balance Due calculations in Tenant Tracker

* Fixed a few problems with creating Receipts and Statements in Rental Income Tracker

* Other minor improvements.

Version was not released but had the following improvements:

Changes to Tenant Tracker

* Improvements to the Payment History Report.

* In Tenant Tracker when Post New Rent is clicked and there is a partial payment already entered for the current month, you are asked if you want to add a partial payment. If you answer Add a Partial Payment, the Payment Date on that record is changed to the current date and a Late Charge is added to the Charges field. If a Late Charge was already listed in the Charges field on that record you will be asked for a new Late Charge amount.

* If there is a Balance on Account you will be asked if you want to apply a Credit Adjustment, in the amount of the current month's rent, to the Balance.

* If the Moved In Date does not match the first Payment's Due Date in the Payments field, the Moved In Date will be automatically corrected when you click the Moved In Date field.

Changes to Rental Income Tracker

* If you are creating the first record for a New Tenant in Rental Income Tracker, rather than the Deposit(s) being automatically added to the Charges field, they are now added to the Notes field, and two new buttons appear next to the Create Receipt button. One is Add, which adds the Deposit(s) to the Charges field, so they can be paid, along with the Rent, in one payment. If the Deposit(s) are being paid with a separate payment, then you should click Paid, which creates a separate receipt for the Deposit payment and marks the Deposit(s) paid on the Tenant Tracker record. Once you leave the record, these buttons are hidden.

* If you add a Batch # to a Rental Income Tracker record with a Deposit, when you run a Batch report, the payment for the Deposit(s) will be included.

* Other improvements to Rental Income Report

* Fixed a problem creating a Rental Income Tracker Receipt when there is a Balance On Acount larger than the amount due.

Fixes to Expense Tracker

* If the Automatically Duplicate This Expense Each Month option is enabled on an Expense Tracker record (click ADE to access this option) the ADE button will now read "ADE +" so it is easy to tell if this option is enabled or not.

* Fixed a problem with the Add New Expenses Now feature (in the ADE section of Expense Tracker) with adding records with the same Payee but for different Accounts.

* Other minor improvements.

Version 1.0.8 is a variation of Resort Rental Tracker Plus has the following differences:

* The Resort Map is now called the Facility Map.

* Housekkeeping, and Schedule Checker features have been removed.

* Amenities, Unit Cost, and Tax Info sections have been removed from Unit Tracker. The Owner field has been moved to the Tenants section. Multiple owners per unit are no longer supported.

* Bedrooms and Sleeps menus have been removed from Unit Tracker.

* Booking Agents, Lock Codes, Persons, Reminders and other minor features in Reservation Tracker have been removed. #Nights are now #Days.

* Pet Deposits and Rent Subsidy hae been removed from Tenant Tracker.

* New Flea Market sample data has been added.

* Many other minor improvements.

View the version history for Resort Rental Tracker Plus here.


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